It all started with two brothers...

one a teacher, the other a marketing expert. One day the teacher received some badly-designed marketing material, and an idea struck him! He took the idea to his brother, and together they created a unique company that offered engaging education marketing for education businesses.

As the company grew, they built a super-group of marketers, designers, and developers around them, and at the heart of the company, former teachers who know how to sell to schools and who all helped Sprint Education win ‘Marketing Campaign of the Year Award’ at the South West Business Awards.

Sprint Timeline


Inbound and Outreach edu-strategy services launched to provide a sophisticated and advanced marketing approach that has never been seen before within the education sector. Results surpass any previous strategy/campaign techniques ever attempted.


New strategies completed for Amazon, The British Heart Foundation, and BBC Learning. Further investment made into Sprint’s server infrastructure; client’s open rates soar to a 53% increase above the industry average as a result. Campus users surpass the 200 mark.


6,000 sq/ft purpose built offices purchased and fitted with dedicated training facilities so Sprint clients can visit and train themselves in the art of marketing to schools.

580k annual investment made in research, development, software, technology, and talent to ensure clients generate the best results anywhere in the UK education sector. Stuart (Client Success) andamp; Harry (Engineering) join Sprint.


The world’s first fully-integrated education sales and marketing software (Campus), is launched by Sprint Education. The first 100 users sign up within just 4 months of its launch!

Sprint celebrate their 10,000th client and welcome Hannah (Campaign Management) and Dan (Copywriting and Content) to the Sprint Team.


Sprint’s education database reaches 250K teachers. New clients include: Comic Relief, First Group, and The Bank of England.

Sprint Education win the prestigious Marketing Campaign of the Year Award. Kelly (Client Happiness) and Jen (Lead Coder) join the Sprint Team, whilst Sprint celebrate their 7,000th client who just happened to be none other than Sir Paul McCartney.


Sprint purchase new offices at Duddage Manor and launch their new brand identity as Sprint Mail becomes Sprint Education. John (Head of Marketing) joins.


Sprint launch an industry first - Database of Qualified Leads, giving clients direct access to those teachers that are most interested in their brands. Sprint reaches 4,000 clients including new acquisitions of Sports Relief, Acer, and the Sunday Times.


Sprint became the first (and still the only) education agency to manage their own servers. New technical infrastructure boosts our clients' open rates by an average of 16% and clicks by 35%. New client acquisitions include: Fujitsu, and Manchester United.


Sprint launch the Education Database - the first online education marketing database with live updates and 150k named teachers. New client acquisitions include: BUPA, Absolute Radio, and the NHS.


Sprint launch direct to Teachers email service, an industry first! Clients can now email any teacher type they want directly. New client acquisitions include: Barnardos, OCR, and Edexcel.


It all started in a tiny garage, with one desk, and two PCs. Sprint Mail launched into the education marketing world specialising in email and postal marketing to schools.

Sophie Scott-Lewis –  Head of Design, Sprint Education Image

“At Sprint Education we’re trying to create a once-in-a-generation business that pushes the boundaries of education digital marketing. Through our services and software, we aim to revolutionise our clients’ businesses, and delight every teacher their marketing connects with."

Sophie Scott-Lewis – Head of Design, Sprint Education

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