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How Campus Helped Fluentblu Convert Leads Into Actual Sales


“We’ve been working with Sprint Education for a number of years now and the email campaigns they’ve done for us have always been really successful. However, due to the level of complexity involved in ICT projects, nurturing those leads (and eventually converting them into sales) can be a really drawn-out process. When I heard about Campus – a CRM system designed specifically for the education sector – it sounded like a no-brainer for us and the last piece of the puzzle.


Before Campus, the process of nurturing a lead and making a sale was extremely time-consuming and nowhere near as effective as we wanted it. The process we had in place for creating professional looking quotes and invoices could be very time-consuming, and there was no way to quickly refer to a quote without searching for it on our network. We really just wanted to make the whole process slicker.

Also, because ICT development projects are such an extensive piece of work, the lead time between receiving an enquiry and converting that into a sale can often be several months; with multiple conversations and meetings required to find a solution that meets each individual school’s needs. In the past I’ve felt that we’d been wasting a lot of man-hours by focussing our time on schools that simply were not ready to buy from us – so we desperately needed a way to qualify our leads better.


As soon as I saw Campus in action I knew it was the system for us. I loved how simple it made the quoting process; you simply enter all the information and it creates a professional looking quote instantly for you. Then, on top of that, we can convert that quote to an invoice with one click and Campus saves all relevant documentation and correspondence against that school so any member of the team can refer to it instantly if required.

“Finally a CRM for the education sector. It’s as simple as that!”

Campus also clearly included all the tools we needed to streamline our lead management process. For one thing, it provides us with so much more information than a standard CRM tool including insights into each school’s annual ICT spend, their Ofsted results, the number of pupils on roll – all information that is incredibly useful to us. I didn’t even know you could have all that data at your fingertips, I’ve never seen anything like that before!


Campus has utterly transformed the way we manage our sales leads. The Lead Generation Forms and web tracking has given us an incredible insight into what each school is looking for and this has enabled us to really hit the ground running – we feel like we instantly know what they want. ICT in schools is incredibly complex so the fact that we can now get to the bottom of what they want in a matter of minutes, rather than over a period of weeks, is really helping us to save time and focus our energy more effectively.

“Campus is so easy to use, we were literally up and running within 5 minutes of going live!”

The Point Scoring that we can set up in Campus is absolutely brilliant and has allowed us to see who is really interested and who is just browsing. We can see those teachers that are visiting multiple web pages and downloading multiple whitepapers; it’s almost like an alarm bell goes off so we know that it’s time to make a personal contact with these teachers and see if we can develop the relationship further. And the best thing is that Campus does all this for us automatically!

There’s no way we would ever want to go back to life without Campus. I don’t even know how we could do all the things we’re doing now without Campus – we would need literally hundreds of processes and it would result in so many wasted man-hours.”




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Campus + Launch Plan
Campus account set-up and supported with the Campus Launch Plan targeting SMT, Bursars, Heads & Teachers of ICT, and Network Managers.

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