“We definitely wouldn’t go back to the way things were before Campus. Now we’ve got one place for our contacts, designing and sending emails, following up leads, and making sales!"
Chris Cowan – Director, Loudmouth Education
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How Loudmouth saved money and streamlined processes by replacing 10 separate IT systems with Campus


“Before Campus we were using 10 different IT systems to manage our marketing and sales processes. This inevitably meant that a lot of our IT or marketing tasks fell to either myself or one other person in the business, as you effectively had to be an expert in all 10 systems to be able to function efficiently.


To manage our marketing we were using an education database, email marketing tools, design tools to create our emails, SurveyMonkey to create web forms; there were lots of different systems and then we were having to use other software in order to try and get these systems to talk to each other.

“We had a very complicated web of systems.”

We had a very complicated web of systems and the main challenge was trying to get them to talk to each other without the need for lots of manual data inputting. As an example, we would export our data from one system but then in order to use it for our marketing we would need to do some work on it before we could upload it into another system. It was a hugely time consuming process and it really slowed down the speed with which we could react to our clients’ needs.


The key benefit for us was how simple it was for all of the team to get up and running with Campus. So, all the team could see what was going on, what was happening with our clients, what was working, and so everyone could get involved in the marketing rather than us being reliant on one or two expert people.

“All of those systems have become obsolete.”

It was a scary few weeks initially, when we were reluctant to let go of some of those old systems just in case things didn’t work for us. But very quickly, all of those systems have become obsolete and Campus has become our entire system.

It has certainly allowed us to save money because we don’t have to pay for so many disparate systems, but more importantly it’s allowed us to put our money in one place; we know that any new starters can be trained up on Campus and our investment is in one particular system that everybody is using.

“Campus has become our entire system.”


One of the things we absolutely love about Campus is that you can create the quotes and invoices all within one system. So, we can get an enquiry, we can then send them a quote through Campus, and then convert that to a sale with just a couple of clicks.

We definitely wouldn’t want to go back to the way things were before Campus. Before Campus there were so many different systems and so much thinking on your feet to try and get things to knit together, whereas now we’ve got everything together in one place – from designing the email, sending out the email, tracking the results, to following up the leads and making the sale.

“It’s easy to use, and it streamlines all of our processes.”

Campus is an awesome product for us as it’s quick, it’s easy to use, and it streamlines all of our processes. In essence, it gives us a one-stop shop; we can go to one place and see all of our information, and what we love so much is that it’s so tailored to the education sector – it understands how teachers work and so it’s really the right product for us.”

“Campus is an awesome product.”




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Campus + Master Plan
Campus account set-up and supported with an ongoing Master Plan direct to SMT, and teachers of PSHE, RE, Citizenship and Heads of Year in Primary and Secondary Schools. Plus reporting and database of qualified leads.

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