“The contacts that Sprint have within schools has really enabled us to get our message through to key decision makers we need to target.”
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How an Education Start-up Overcame Its Marketing Fears


“At the age of 29 I made the bold decision to leave the Senior Leadership Team of an outstanding school in order to set up a business that I had no idea whether or not would succeed.

When I told my family and friends of my decision the look they gave me was one of amazement mixed with bewilderment, awe mixed with concern. It’s a look I’ve become used to when I tell my story of giving up an excellent salary; leaving behind generous pensions and holidays; and jumping head-first into the unknowns of the business world.

In my mind I was neither brave nor insane, just passionate. I have a deep commitment to making youngsters more politically literate and engaged in this country.


Between us we had around 200 teacher contacts and initially we were able to capitalise on these to generate word of mouth publicity. We received some interest and bookings from this.

However, we soon realised that we were going to need to reach out to a wider pool of teachers if we were to take the business to the next level. That’s when we started researching schools’ generic email addresses and sending promotional material en masse.

It was very time consuming having to spend a lot of our day researching school email addresses. Also, we quickly realised that we weren’t actually reaching teachers; our message was either bouncing back or getting stuck in the secretary’s inbox or spam folder.


As a new company with not a huge amount of money to spend, we knew we were gambling a significant percentage of the money that we had put away as teachers on these three email campaigns. It was our own money so it was a bit scary, but we had faith that Sprint would make it work for us.

My experience of working with Sprint on our email strategy has been really straightforward. Everyone has been really friendly and if I ever had any questions or problems then somebody would always get back to me very quickly. I particularly liked the flow that Sprint seems to have; from my initial booking through to discussing the strategy with the design team, I always knew exactly who to go to with each enquiry.

I think the designs that Sprint created for our campaigns have been terrific and I particularly liked the House of Commons layout! But for me, what’s been even more important than the copywriting and design has been the contacts that Sprint has within schools which have really enabled us to get our message through to the key decision makers we need to target. So, it’s not only about great designs, but also about getting through to the teachers that those designs will appeal to.

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We didn’t really know what to expect because we didn’t have any marketing experience. However, from the reports I’ve been sent and the responses we’ve received I can see that the campaign has created a lot of leads.

I’m really pleased. One of the most interesting things for me is that we’ve found many of the leads that are coming through are actually from schools that we were sending emails to in our own early days but were not hearing anything from. This, for me, shows how well it has worked.

We’re really excited. Our immediate priority is to make sure we’re translating these leads into bookings and then I would like us to use Sprint again at the earliest opportunity. The team have been the perfect combination of professional and friendly, and have made the experience of marketing an enjoyable and insightful one.

I will certainly be recommending their extremely friendly yet professional service to friends and colleagues in relevant education businesses.”




Founded in 2015, Political Education for Students promotes the use of politics and democracy in secondary schools through a range of workshops for students.




Over 1,800 secondary aged pupils were provided with specialist politics education within just one term.

Services Used:

Lead Creation Plan & Campus
Launch email strategy (to launch the business) direct to Head Teachers, PSHE, Citizenship, Politics & G&T Teachers at Secondary Schools, with HTML email designs, reporting and database of qualified leads. Plus Campus to manage long term strategy in-house.

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