“The quality of new enquiries has been so much higher and we’ve been able to focus our time on leads that we have a really good chance of converting.”
Jon Barber – Head of Sales, StudyTrips
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“StudyTrips was founded in 1991. We offer purpose-built study trips for schools, colleges and universities and typically work with around 500 or so institutions each year. We currently have around 30 full-time and part-time staff.”


“Up until we started using Campus, we relied on two types of marketing. We used MailChimp for generating campaigns to our own database, and when we needed an injection of new leads we would also run more extensive marketing campaigns to teachers through external education marketing agencies.

In terms of those campaigns we would run through an external agency, the number of responses we would generate was pretty good but the quality of those leads was poor. So, effectively, we would get a lot of responses but because the campaigns were very broad (typically the same content to teachers of all different subjects) the responses we would get back were too vague to result in agood return on investment.”


“We realised the segmentation of the data for those campaigns wasn’t strong enough for us to generate high conversions and the reason we were interested in Campus was because it gave us the opportunity to send smaller, far more targeted campaigns direct to the inboxes of specific teachers working in specific types of establishment.

When I saw Campus in action I realised that this was the tool we needed to create those highly segmented campaigns, in fact it gave us the ability to segment to an even greater extent than we could with our own data. This has enabled us to create a marketing strategy that engages teachers with subject-specific content, rather than the generic themes of the past, and we now have a really clear marketing plan of what activity we are going to run each month, who we’re sending it to, and what the purpose of each campaign is.”


“The move away from the scattergun approach and towards much more targeted campaigns has meant that we’re maybe not seeing the quantity of responses that we used to, but the quality has been so much higher and we’ve been able to focus our time on leads that we have a really good chance of converting.

So far, after just a handful of months, we’ve seen an increase of 20% in terms of qualified sales leads and we can attribute this increase directly to our Campus campaigns (and maybe more that have come through telephone enquiries but unfortunately we can’t track those at the moment). The majority of these leads are from schools that are new to us so they’re really valuable to us in terms of growing our sales and brand recognition.

So far we’ve converted 18% of new sales leads and we have a significant pipeline of further live leads in the system which I anticipate will increase our conversion rate to 20%. This is all new business generated directly from campaigns sent through Campus, business which I don’t think we would have received had we continued with our previous scattergun marketing through external agencies.

The support we’ve received from Sprint has been brilliant and we are really excited about the future.”



StudyTrips offer purpose-built study trips for schools, colleges and universities, delivering unforgettable learning experiences across a wide range of subject areas.




Successfully delivered educational trips for over 60,000 students last year.

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