“75 Leads so far which I’m ecstatic about!”
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How TeamCamp Used Campus’s Lead Generation Form Feature to Generate 75 Leads In 3 Days!


“I’ve been following Sprint Education for some time and their own marketing has always impressed me; particularly the way it brings to life a philosophy of giving something to your customers instead of simply pestering them.

I felt strongly that once TeamCamp had put the foundations in place to grow, this was the kind of loveable approach I wanted us to follow with our own marketing. Not only that, but I wanted to be guided by the people I saw as the experts in the education marketing industry.


Having spent the last 5 years getting our product just right and consolidating our operations, I now felt that the time was right to greatly expand our presence in the marketplace.

Up until this point we’d been attending trade shows, calling local schools, and doing the odd bit of email marketing. This, coupled with word-of-mouth had enabled us to grow organically, however with the foundations now in place I felt strongly that this was the right time for a step-change in our marketing.

That’s when I made contact with Sprint Education to find out how they could help us emulate their own marketing in a way that was cost-effective and enabled us to grow in a way that was sustainable.


In the past we’d used Constant Contact to do email marketing and it just didn’t work for us. So when I heard Sprint Education’s software solution for education businesses - Campus, included an integrated emailing platform I was really excited to see how it could improve our marketing and sales processes.

After seeing Campus I was incredibly impressed! Aside from the fact that it was so education focused, which is obviously crucial for us, I could also see that it was far superior to Constant Contact in terms of the way it looked, the usability, and the range of features that it offered. It was so much more than just an emailing system!

After setting up my Campus account I then went to a meeting at their offices to help me plan my forthcoming marketing strategy which would now be powered from Campus. The meeting that we had was incredibly useful and we came away from it with a clear plan for our marketing that we are excited about following.

“After seeing Campus I was incredibly impressed!”


It’s only a few days since we sent our first email campaign in Campus and I want to say how supportive the Sprint team have been in helping us get to grips with the system. It’s been fantastic!

I’m also really pleased by how simple Campus is to use. So often with software like this, you start using it and uncover all these things that don’t work as they should do. That hasn’t been the case at all with Campus; it has kept on delivering for us.

“75 leads so far, which I’m ecstatic about.”

With our first email campaign we chose to promote a free lesson plan aligned with the Citizenship curriculum and we’ve had 75 leads so far, which I’m ecstatic about. It was also great to see the quality of people that were signing up – lots of Deputy & Assistant Heads which is our core market.

To capture the details of these teachers we used Campus’s Lead Generation Form module to create an online form and host it on our website.

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This allows us to now continually capture the details of new leads, and helps us understand which teachers are specifically responsible for the management and planning of summer schools so we can sell to these people directly in the future.”




Since 2010 TeamCamp has provided Summer and Day Camps to 3-14 year olds across the UK.




TeamCamp boast incredible attainment statistics with a 45% Maths and 60% English scores uplift for students that complete one of their summer camps.

Services Used:

Campus account set-up with strategy support meeting so TeamCamp could learn how to maximise Campus’s features and ensure better results from their marketing for the forthcoming academic year.

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