What sets us apart is the unique education ecosystem that we’ve created (through TeacherPerks) that enables our strategies to connect with our member-teachers directly. This carefully nurtured network ensures that our clients’ communications are engaged with on a level that surpasses other methods.


Research and development is at the heart of our plan to create a once in a lifetime education communications agency that generates better results for our clients than any other marketing solution. We know that, by reinvesting our profits into R&D, we can offer a more powerful, comprehensive, and effective service.


We invest annually


We continually invest in the development of software that is designed to maximise clients’ sales, or streamline our internal processes, so our team’s time can be better spent working more closely with our clients, and helping them to smash their sales targets.


We invest annually


We are the only education agency to host and manage our own servers. This helps us to generate the highest email deliverability, open rates, and click rates that far surpass the industry’s average. Ultimately this investment gets our clients’ more responses.


We invest annually


Our foundations are built on our education data, so it is maintained and updated with great care and precision by our in-house Data Team. The updates we make each year and our investment in this is essential to helping our clients’ marketing campaigns succeed.

Gareth Mellor –  Marketing Manager, SAM Learning Image

“We’ve used other education marketing agencies with not much impact, so we desperately needed Sprint to drastically improve things. [With Sprint Education] the effectiveness of our marketing has changed out of sight. In the last quarter they have tripled the number of leads we are generating and sales for this year have increased by 13%.”

Gareth Mellor – Marketing Manager, SAM Learning
Edu-Strategies & Edu-Programmes

We design and deliver lead generating Outreach marketing strategies direct to teachers and schools, brand and relationship-building Inbound communications strategies, and socially-conscious education programmes that focus on delivering an educational and brand reputation impact.

Multi-channel solutions

As the UK’s only full-service education marketing agency, we can deliver your education marketing and marketing to teachers into all corners of the sector through a range of channels - “Inbox”, our direct emails to teachers service, postal marketing to schools, PR, and social media.

The future of education marketing

Sprint Education are the creators of Campus - business software designed to help grow your education business. Access the education data, marketing, and sales tools you need to sell more to schools.

Nick Cowan –  Marketing Manager, Comic Relief Image

“These guys were superb! They helped us inspire schools across the UK to get fundraising for our cause!”

Nick Cowan – Marketing Manager, Comic Relief
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