“Stop thinking about your website as being...

just a pretty place that showcases what you sell. No other element of your business will gain as much attention and traffic as your website, so it needs to go beyond just aesthetics. That’s why when we design your website it won’t just “wow” your audience; it will also become a lead generation mechanism that will automatically capture new sales leads for you to build relationships with. Our monthly SEO management plan will then enhance your new website’s online visibility, allowing more teachers to find it.”

Nick Westwood, Designer - Sprint Education

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We are the only UK agency that designs and builds websites specifically for education businesses.

  • Design that connects with teachers
  • Automated lead capture mechanisms
  • CMS backend & website hosting
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Monthly Plan


Our monthly SEO management plans will see your website rise up Google’s rankings so more teachers can find it.

  • Enhance your website’s online visibility
  • Attract better leads to your website
  • Monthly optimisation & reporting
    • - Site audit & SEO content
    • - Competitor site analysis
    • - Structural & tech optimisation
  • Dress Loud
  • CV UED
  • Badminton England
  • COGO
  • Mutual Respect
  • Athletes In Schools
  • Tycoon In Schools
  • Knowitall Ninja
  • Oddizzi
  • CV+
  • Schudio
  • Cloudtrainer
Ian Billings Image
Ian Billings
BBC and Theatre Works

“Over the years I've used different education marketing companies, but these guys have generated by far and away the greatest amount of enquiries, and ROI."

Eve Robinson Image
Eve Robinson
Roald Dahl’s Children’s Charity

“Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity thinks that Sprint Education is fantabulous. We are over the moon with the high performance of our campaign and couldn't have achieved this without their help."

Mark Hinksman Image
Mark Hinksman
Gap Medics

“Outstanding! Sprint have helped to establish us as the UK's leading medical gap year specialists. Their direct emails to Heads of Careers, 6th Form and Science have been essential to our success in schools."

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