Why Campus Over...?

Campus is so much more than just an emailing system. The Email Module within Campus will allow you to do what any standard emailing system will do – design HTML emails, broadcast them, and track the stats. But Campus will also provide many other modules to help drive your sales within the education sector – a CRM, Education Data access, Web Tracking, automated Sales Funnel, Quoting/Invoicing, and much more.

Generic CRM systems and automated marketing software offer similar features and tools that Campus also offers, but where they all fall short is that none of them can provide you with an integrated database of the UK Education sector. Beyond your usual CRM features, Campus will, most importantly, give you instant access to over 32,000 educational establishments, and 405,000 named education staff and teachers.

One of the main reasons Campus was built was because many education businesses were buying cheap, poor-quality data and then not having the systems, software, and infrastructure in place to use it properly. Campus doesn’t only give you access to the most accurate education database available, but - more importantly - it gives you a platform to use the data properly to connect with 32,000 educational establishments, and 405,000 named education staff and teachers.

Campus provides a much more cost-effective option than hiring an external marketing provider, who is unlikely to be an education marketing expert. With Campus, you can also pick our brains for ideas on strategies which can be invaluable, as no one knows selling and marketing to schools better than Sprint Education.


Campus is education data, marketing, and sales software for businesses, charities, and universities that wish to contact or sell to education establishments and school staff. Watch this video to gain a better understanding here

Users are the folks that can use your Campus plan. There are three types of users:

  • Admins (one of which is the Campus account owner)
  • Managers
  • Users

Each user level has different permissions associated with it with. Admin gets the full roster of permissions, Managers the next level, and Users the fewest permissions.

A ‘contact’ is different from the schools and teacher data which Campus holds in the Education Data Module. Contacts sit in the CRM Module and are the people that you market to, quote for, sell to, and deal with on a daily basis. As a Campus user, you’re able to add, update, and remove your Contacts at any time.

Each Campus plan comes with a limit on the number of Contacts you can store.

Contacts are categorised into 3 types depending on where they sit in your sales funnel: Followers, Leads, and Opportunities. You can learn more about Followers, Leads, and Opportunities here

Yes it will! Campus includes a CRM Module, Quotes Module, and Money Module so you can use it for your full customer relationship management. It will even work as an automated sales funnel for your sales team to target the hottest leads at the right time.

Yes you can. Campus includes a Quotes Module and a Money Module. You can create quotes, convert them to invoices at the click of a button, and see your automatically updated sales performance charts instantly.

Big time! You can design, broadcast, and track your email marketing from within Campus’s Email Module. You can also send your day-to-day emails (that you would normally send from the likes of Outlook or Gmail) to the contacts within your CRM Module.

No, but Campus does gives you access to 32k+ educational establishments, 406k staff names and job roles, plus powerful context data fields such as Ofsted ratings, pupil data, budgets, exam results, and more.

You can import your Contacts and Organisations into the CRM Module of Campus so when you log in for the first time all the data you need to run your business is sat in Campus ready to go. Read how to do this here

Yes! Many of our Campus users sell to other sectors outside of the education world as well, so Campus has been designed to cope with sales and marketing to other sectors.

Plans & Billing

Campus comes with an annual contract. The details of the terms and conditions can be found here

You can upgrade your Campus plan from within your Account settings in just a few quick clicks!

Don’t worry, you won’t be slapped with a big bill to pay. Campus will warn you when you are approaching your limits and give you the option to upgrade to a more suitable plan if you want to.

Yes! You can upgrade your Campus plan from within your Account settings in just a few quick clicks!

There are no hidden costs. If you want to bolt on any additional services like training, or you wish to upgrade your account, you can if you want to; it’s your choice.

Campus is billed monthly via direct debit.

Data, Hosting, & Security

Of course! Your data is safely hosted in our secure data centre in Cheltenham. We back up your data daily.

You certainly can! You can export your data from the CRM, Quotes, and Sales Modules in a few quick clicks. Read how to do this here

Hard-installed software is dinosaur in today’s digital world, as everything from your banking to the world’s leading CRM and emailing software is cloud-based, just like Campus. This is because a cloud-based platform offers the most reliable, easily accessible, and slickest form of access and use.

Terms & Conditions

Read the Acceptable Use Policy here

Read our Education Data Use Policy here

Knowledge Base

Users have free instant access to 90 detailed walkthrough guides on how to use Campus.

Client Buzz

Ian Billings Image
Ian Billings
BBC and Theatre Works

“Over the years I've used different education marketing companies, but these guys have generated by far and away the greatest amount of enquiries, and ROI."

Eve Robinson Image
Eve Robinson
Roald Dahl’s Children’s Charity

“Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity thinks that Sprint Education is fantabulous. We are over the moon with the high performance of our campaign and couldn't have achieved this without their help."

Mark Hinksman Image
Mark Hinksman
Gap Medics

“Outstanding! Sprint have helped to establish us as the UK's leading medical gap year specialists. Their direct emails to Heads of Careers, 6th Form and Science have been essential to our success in schools."

Lots of happy Campus users, including...

Simple Pricing

Campus starts from the equivalent of £199 p/month

This includes access to our database of schools and teachers

The Blueprint for Success

Learn how Campus’s inbound marketing features can be used to grow your education business.

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