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The Truth Behind Marketing to Schools

Discover what it takes to master education marketing, understand your technical infrastructure, and learn the key questions to ask yourself and other agencies when spending your budget.

The GDPR’s Impact on Marketing to Schools

This 27-page GDPR Impact Report teaches you how your business will be affected, what Sprint has done, what you need to do, and how to spot agencies that don't comply.

13 Edu-Marketing Blueprints for Success

Generate more face-to-face meetings, or encourage more teachers to sign up for a free trial. This will give you a takeaway blueprint to achieve almost any marketing objective.

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Who are these reports for?

Marketing Managers Image

Marketing Managers

Perfect for Marketing Managers and teams looking to learn more about the education sector, how to maximise budgets, and ultimately generate more sales leads.

Education Business Owners Image

Education Business Owners

Ideal for managers, directors, and owners looking to learn the processes and techniques that their marketing and sales staff need to implement to grow the business.

Start-Ups, Charities, Unis Image

Start-Ups, Charities, Unis

Whether you are starting up a new venture, looking to raise funds for your charity, or promoting your university’s course places, this toolkit is a must-read.

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