Emailing Teachers | Marketing to Schools
Losing Sleep Over Click Rates? 5 Reasons to Sleep Soundly.
That feeling when you realise you’ve been unnecessarily losing sleep over click-through rates for the past 5 years…
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Marketing to Schools
Postal Marketing to Schools Just Got Personal
In this blog, Sprint Education's full-stack marketeer, Kat, introduces our new Pigeon Hole service. The next generation of postal marketing to schools.
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Emailing Teachers
Prepare Your Email Like It's Going For A Job Interview
In this blog, Kelsey explains why you need to prepare your email as if it's going for a job interview, while also sharing 8 key reasons why it might not get the job!
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Introducing Kelsey: The Dirt Under Sprint Education's Fingernails!
In this blog, Sprint's latest addition to the Copy Team introduces herself and shares the qualities she's aiming to bring to our clients' strategies.
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