5 Crucial Questions continued... Part 2

5 Crucial Questions continued... Part 2

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John Smith
Published: 22nd May 2013

Today I'm continuing to analyse your email marketing to schools and the questions that your audience of teachers will be asking themselves when they receive your emails.

Yesterday was all about the ways that you can increase the number of teachers that open your email. But once they’ve opened your email what’s the next question they will ask themselves? And how can you make sure that you’ve got the right answers?

Like yesterday I've got 6 more top tips to help you guide as many teachers as possible through this stage.

Question 2: Why are you sending this email?

Not because you are trying to drum up some much needed business that’s for sure! Things are going pretty well thank you very much… in fact business is booming!

People will make up their minds almost instantly about what your motivations are for sending your email to them. Think about it in terms of why you have chosen this day of all the days in the year to send your email. If you have a good reason why your email couldn’t have been sent at any other time then your audience of teachers will be much less inclined to dismiss it as just another sales pitch from a faceless sales company looking to make a fast buck.

We live in a very cynical age. Overcoming that cynicism is essential if you are going to engage your audience and a vital way of doing this is to ensure you have a great reason for getting in touch.

Here’s 6 Sprint approved reasons for emailing:

S mall number of bookings still available and you don’t want them to miss out.

P romotion running in support of National Awareness Day/Week.

R egulation or assessment criteria changes mean that there is a need for your offer.

I n the local area over the next few weeks and would they like you to call in for a quick meeting?

N ew range of products or a new service that you are launching.

T opical news or industry reports have highlighted a need for your product or services.

Have a think about which of these ideas you could incorporate into your next marketing email to teachers. I’ll be posting Question 3 on Friday!

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