5 Crucial Questions Continued... Part 3

5 Crucial Questions Continued... Part 3

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John Smith
Published: 24th May 2013

Today is Part 3 of our look at the anatomy of a perfect marketing email for companies looking to sell to schools. As before I’ve got another 6 top tips to help you through this stage… ratcheting up the total number of tips so far to 18. I know, I know... I spoil you rotten don’t I? But I like you so I don’t mind.

So; you’ve got teachers to open your email and you’ve shown them that you have a great reason for getting in touch. What’s next? What’s the next question that teachers will ask themselves?

Question 3: Why am I receiving this email?

Another big one. Phew, they keep coming thick and fast don’t they? You may not even realise it but every time you open an email from somebody not in your contact list you answer this question and that answer informs how likely you are to respond.

It’s not an easy task but you need to ensure that as many of your teacher audience "Find Schools near you") as possible believe that you are speaking to them as an individual and not just indiscriminately emailing every single teacher and dinner lady in the UK! An opening sentence like the one below is great for making the recipient feel special:

“Hi John, I wanted to get in touch with you as we are going to be in the Gloucestershire area in the next few weeks and I wondered if Sprint School would be interested in getting a free site survey?”

Here’s today’s 6 Sprint Tips for speaking directly to teachers:

S egment to micro level. Use dynamic content to tweak your influencer/decision maker message.

P ersonalise your email with the teacher’s name and the name of their school.

R egion specific. Reference their local area to make them feel a bit more special.

I dentify with your audience. Show them you know and understand the challenges they face.

N o irrelevant content! It will shatter the illusion that you are speaking to them directly.

T ailor your language to suit the teacher type that you are targeting.

That’s all for today folks. Have a great Bank Holiday weekend and I’ll be posting Question 4, along with tips 19-24 next Tuesday.

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