4 Hilarious Examples of Agile Marketing!

4 Hilarious Examples of Agile Marketing!

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Jackie O'Shea
Published: 26th February 2014

As Curling Fever fleetingly swept through the nation last Friday, we posted a Vine showing some of the Sprint team enjoying an impromptu curling session in the office.

It seems like Curling Fever also had a few of our followers in its grip as the Vine achieved 65% engagement on our Facebook page. It got me thinking once again about agile marketing and how you could utilise it to get improved engagement in your marketing to schools.

I thought it might be fun to share with you 5 of my favourite examples of agile marketing. Some of these are truly inspirational, and I’ve tried to pick examples that utilise different marketing channels to show the different forms agile marketing can take. Enjoy…

BMW vs. Audi Billboard War

Bodyform Video Response to Facebook Post

Lego Letter to Customer

Specsavers Newspaper Advert

There are several key principles that connect these 5 campaigns, but today I want to focus on 3 of these:

1. Listen

Listening is absolutely fundamental to agile marketing. What are teachers saying about you? What is the whole country talking about right now? We’re always saying that your marketing has to be relevant in order to be engaging, but how do you know what’s relevant to your customers unless you listen to what they’re saying?

2. Act fast

One of the fundamental principles of agile marketing is the need to react rapidly to a dynamic environment. Once you have listened and identified what your customers are talking about, you need to act rapidly in order to join the debate while it’s still in the public consciousness. Social media is your obvious weapon as it allows you to react almost immediately, however it is not the only outlet for your agile marketing, as these examples show.

3. Be funny

Do you know the first thing I did after reading these examples? I shared them with the rest of the Sprint gang. We all enjoy making other people laugh so it’s a natural reaction. In the end that basic human trait is why these campaigns made such a massive impact and took on a life of their own.

Agile marketing will only become more important as we move deeper into 2014 so start adopting its core values the next time you email teachers.

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