5 Reasons Why Pinterest Will Help You Sell More to Schools

5 Reasons Why Pinterest Will Help You Sell More to Schools

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Ben Lewis
Published: 11th June 2014

I’ve been exalting the virtues of Pinterest for quite some time now, even including it in my list of the 12 Shocking Secrets of Selling to Schools in 2014.

However, I’m still not sure that the marketing to schools world has cottoned on to the power of Pinterest and why it should be an essential component in your marketing to schools mix.

That’s why I thought I’d revisit the topic in today’s blog. If you’re still unconvinced, maybe these fantastic facts will show you how the world’s fastest growing social media platform can help you at every stage of your sales funnel:

TARGET: 80% of Pinterest users are female

For some reason the Pinterest user base has proved to be predominately female, making it particularly relevant to the education sector – where around 80% of teachers are female.

ATTRACT: Pins have a longer life-span than tweets or Facebook posts

If you’re anything like me, you’ll get pretty disheartened by how quickly tweets disappear into the black hole of the Twittersphere (the average life of a tweet is just 15 minutes). Pinterest pins on the other hand, can have a lifespan of over one week – now that’s more like it!

ENGAGE: Pinterest users are the least passive of any social media user

Traditionally, social media users tend to get progressively less active as time goes by (many Twitter and Facebook accounts are in fact inactive). Pinterest on the other hand, completely bucks this trend, with the average user actually pinning more and more every year!

LEADS: Pinterest drives more traffic to your website than its rivals

Early research suggests that Pinterest actually drives more traffic to the publisher’s website than Twitter and YouTube combined, making it a much more effective way of generating leads.

SALES: Pinterest users are buyers, not browsers

Did you know that Pinterest now generates more sales than Facebook? It’s true. A whopping 70% of Pinterest users say that they use the site to get inspiration on what to buy, meaning they already have a buying mind-set when they log-in.

Do these 5 facts make you a little more excited about how using Pinterest can help you sell more to schools? I hope so; I love the Sprint Pinterest page, which I think is a fantastic way to showcase our values and creativity to prospective clients. I'm sure it could be equally powerful for you if you give it a chance!

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