5 Tasty Tips For Serving Up A Festive Feast For Teachers

5 Tasty Tips For Serving Up A Festive Feast For Teachers

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Jackie O'Shea
Published: 16th December 2014

Creating a perfect email for marketing to schools is a skill which could be likened to perfecting a juicy Christmas dinner. All of the components of that classic meal work in conjunction, just like the content of your email marketing campaign.

Too much gravy and everything is floating around the plate. Too few roast potatoes and you’re left feeling empty, unsatisfied and screaming for Christmas pudding!

When preparing your campaign to launch to schools and teachers, there’s a few points you could follow with the festive roast feast in mind.

The Perect Christmas Dinner

Do Not Over Boil Your Sprouts

Trying to include too much information within the email will make it look stodgy and uninviting. Keep the message clear and concise, this will captivate the reader and make them want to find out more.

Tip: Add bullet points for the key features if you’re struggling to reduce the amount of text within the email.

Always Add Carrots

Carrots help you see in the dark. Everyone knows that. Use this idea when looking at your call to action. Is it clear? Is it placed above the fold and visible upon opening the email? Avoid the recipient needing to scroll down the email searching for their next step.

Tip: Email yourself and imagine you’re a busy teacher receiving it. Is it easy to figure out what to do next after those initial couple of seconds of seeing the email?


Clicking ‘send’ is the easy part, but what will make the difference between clodhopping your way into the teacher’s inbox, and actually sweetening the campaign into something the teachers want to get their teeth into, will be the thorough planning and careful tweaking you’ve done prior to serving it up.

Tip: Try a split subject test prior to the launch to gauge the subject which will get you the best open rate. Learn more about split subject testing: http://www.sprint-education.co.uk/services/email-teachers/leads-analytics

Delight with Dessert

Have your follow up campaign ready to serve up soon after the main campaign. Never sit back feeling the job has been done after the first email. An email campaign will get you responses that will need following up as soon as they land.

Tip: Draft some responses to the types of questions you may receive from the campaign, perhaps create some signatures, and ensure your team are briefed prior to the campaign so everyone knows the protocol for following up enquiries.

Serve Warm

Possibly the most important part of preparing the perfect campaign is ensuring your leads are kept warm. Left too long and the leads will go cold. Your database of qualified leads ought to be kept warm and unwavering, enhancing your email’s impact with follow up campaigns and tailored content depending on their actions.

Tip: Qualify your qualified leads. How they interacted with your email, did they click a link or just download the images from the email? These different actions will enable you to follow up using a customised process depending on how they interacted with your email.

By following these simple rules your emailing marketing to teachers will become much more effective. Keep your eyes peeled in the new year as we’ll be launching our leading-edge marketing to schools software. It’ll enable you to interact with teachers on a level so sophisticated it’ll change the way you market to schools forever.

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