5 Ways Inbound Marketing Will Change Your Life!

5 Ways Inbound Marketing Will Change Your Life!

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Ben Lewis
Published: 4th September 2014

If you’ve been reading our blogs and whitepapers recently you’ll know that there is currently an inbound revolution happening in the marketing to schools industry.

However, it just occurred to me this morning that although I’ve talked at length about the benefits of going Inbound for your business and for teachers who receive your marketing, I’ve not once spoken about the benefits to you the individual. I’m so sorry.

To show you that I really do care, I wanted to use today’s post to show you how incorporating Inbound into your schools marketing mix will improve your life.

Here are 5 ways inbound will put a spring back into your marketing step:

1. You can stop putting yourself under so much pressure

Many of the first-time clients I speak to are so nervous about their email marketing campaign because they desperately need to see instant results. They’re like a gambling addict down to his last £10 and living life on the absolute edge.

That’s because they’re pinning all their hopes on one email. If it disappears into the ether then that’s the last of their marketing budget gone. Nobody needs that kind of pressure!

2. You’ll be able to lower your stress levels

Who needs the stress of ‘feast and famine’ marketing where you get 100 email enquiries in one day that you can’t possibly deal with, followed by absolutely nothing until your next campaign the following month?

Wouldn’t you much prefer to have a steady stream of enquiries spread over the course of the month that you are able to devote your time and energy to properly?

3. You’ll feel more secure about the future

Going inbound means no more worrying about where that next sale is coming from and an end to pinning all your hopes on the next campaign.

All you have to do is just keep providing teachers with great content that they will love and the enquiries will come through naturally over a period of time. No more emailing teachers and then breaking into a cold sweat 5 minutes later if you’ve not had any replies yet!

4. You’ll get the feel-good factor back

I remember the first job my friend got after leaving school – driving around Tewkesbury in a van, knocking on people’s doors trying to sell them fruit and veg. He hated it and he felt like a horrible human being!

Inbound marketing is the exact opposite of that. Going inbound means leaving behind those more intrusive sales methods and instead just concentrating on making teachers happy.

In short, you can stop feeling guilty about your marketing and start taking pride in it again!

5. You’ll have a happier life

This one is obvious. If all the above 4 points are true then you’re bound to be happier right?

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