Benefits: From ‘Sorry, Did You Say Something?’ to ‘Where Do I Sign Up?’ in 5 Simple Steps

Benefits: From ‘Sorry, Did You Say Something?’ to ‘Where Do I Sign Up?’ in 5 Simple Steps

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Jackie O'Shea
Published: 27th March 2014

Benefits, benefits, benefits… In the end it all comes down to benefits. If it didn’t then every marketing email you received would look a little like this:

‘Hi Jackie, why don’t you come and have a crack at this course I’ve created? You won’t learn anything from it, certainly nothing that will help you in your career, but I’ve just treated myself to a brand new Porsche and I could really do with raking in some extra cash to help me pay for it!’

And that would all be rather pointless wouldn’t it? So benefits are the absolute crux of every single piece of marketing you send to schools. But why do some benefits resonate with teachers while others leave them cold?

Today I’m going to take an example of the kind of benefit we see outlined in marketing emails to teachers every day. Then I’m going to tweak it slightly, 5 times, until it becomes a laser targeted, heat seeking missile primed for maximum impact!

Here we go:

Number 1

Teacher Excitement Level: “Sorry, did you say something?”

STEP 1 - STRIP: Your key benefits are hidden away amongst the rest of your email. You need to strip them out and give them pride of place where they will be noticed.

Number 2

Teacher Excitement Level: “I hear you but I don’t believe you!”

STEP 2 - DEMONSTRATE: Don’t claim, demonstrate! By making bold claims about how you can improve their lives you run the risk of stimulating a negative reaction from teachers who will feel like you’re selling to them just a little too hard. Instead focus on demonstrating how you have helped existing clients.

Number 3

Teacher Excitement Level: “I’m intrigued, but I need more info”

STEP 3 - QUANTIFY: Quantify those benefits! If you can’t they won’t seem real to teachers and you’ll most likely lose their interest. Provide teachers with the information they need in order to realise you’re not just making this up.

Number 4

Teacher Excitement Level: “Who turned up the heating in here?”

STEP 4 - PERSONALISE: Flesh out exactly who these Head Teachers are? What schools are they from? Make them seem like real people and not just figments of your overactive marketing imagination.

Number 5

Teacher Excitement Level: “Hold my calls…”

STEP 5 - QUOTE: Teachers will believe their peers far more readily than they will believe you. After all, you are marketing to them and must therefore be treated with the utmost suspicion!

Number 6

Teacher Excitement Level “Where do I sign up?”

Following these 5 simple steps is the sure-fire way of ensuring that your next email to schools makes teachers sit up and pay attention to what you have to say.

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