New Education Decision Makers for you to Reach

New Education Decision Makers for you to Reach

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Matthew Ward
Published: 19th October 2021

It’s high time we let you in on a secret.

We’ve been working behind the scenes to build the largest GDPR compliant and most influential education database available.

At the core of our business is the education data central to our clients’ success and the growth of our business.

Growing our database over the past year has meant three things:

  1. Completing a new International Schools Database of 185k contacts.
  2. Improving our dataset for Colleges and Universities.
  3. Building a robust dataset of Local Education Authority decision-makers.

Building a more substantial College and University offering and gathering influential contacts in LEAs was a natural next step for lengthening our reach in the UK, which I will touch on at a later date. Today we focus on the official unveiling of our International Schools Database.

International schools data – 185,000 contacts strong

In recent years the number of conversations we were having with clients seeking to sell to international schools began to grow, so it didn’t take long to spot the demand and decide we could apply the same excellent email marketing practice we use at home, globally.

Now you can reach into schools in 55 different countries teaching the English national curriculum, a US curriculum, and the International Baccalaureate, amongst many others.

Our data includes contact details for school and staff, location, ID, age range, enrolment, time zone, curriculums, languages and more.

You’ll have access to 20+ fields or data for 6,000 establishments and 185,000 educators the world over.

Data you can trust

Did you know that it’s against local data protection and privacy laws to email schools and teachers in many countries?

To ensure we’re creating productive relationships with schools internationally and protecting our clients from the risk of legal action, we have not gathered any data from countries or locations where email marketing or contacting schools using their data is prohibited. Hence why we only hold the data of about 6,000 of the 10,000 International Schools.

New methods of data management

We’ve always believed with more data comes greater potential, but big data doesn’t come without big challenges.

Creating, nurturing, and maintaining a vast new international dataset with many roles, curriculums, and languages not native to the UK required new knowledge and processes.

Our developers built an entirely new data management tool that streamlined the process and time it takes for our data managers to update and cleanse our database while improving their accuracy.

Are you ready to go international?

Next week we’ll launch our international database to our strategic clients.

Shortly after, it will be accessible via our integrated email marketing platform, Campus, opening up the international education market to our users.

International schools earn £42bn in fees per year, and their senior leadership teams are now just a click away.

If you’ve been thinking beyond the White Cliffs of Dover recently, it might be time to get in touch.

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