Campus: What’s New July 2016

Campus: What’s New July 2016

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Guy Lewis
Published: 19th July 2016

Welcome to our periodic update that highlights the recent product improvements we’ve made, so you can easily stay up to date with what’s new.

Here’s what we launched in July.

Exporting Quotes

You can now export your quote selection rather than just ‘All Quotes’. For example if you want to just export your ‘Open Quotes’ for further analysis you can!

Quotes Image

Improvements to the Forms Module

We all know how important it is to gather the buyer persona data you need to build relationships with school and teachers. Now you have the option to make pick lists and checkboxes mandatory fields in your forms.

Forms Module Image

Speed Improvements

You might have already noticed but Campus is now working a LOT faster. We’ve spent considerable time over the last few months optimising things like the Education Data List Builder, the management of Pending Contacts and Campus’s general slickness.

Transactional Email Improvements

Campus will now tell you (via email and within your contacts/organisation timeline) if it can’t make a connection to your SMTP server to send a transactional email which keeps you in the loop regarding whether an email got sent. You now also get the ability to simply ‘retry’ the email at the click of a button!

Transactional Email Image

New Email Templates

We’ve released three cool new email templates that you can find in the email builder. Built by our very own email build wizards you can use these to super-charge your marketing.

Email Templates Image

We’ll be releasing six more soon too so you’ll have an even better selection of starting points for your email marketing.

List Exporting Flexibility

You now have greater control over what fields you export when you’ve built a list of Contacts in your CRM module. We’ve added a step to the export process which makes it a cinch for you to choose only the fields you actually need.

List Exporting Image

Education Data

We’ve also spent a bunch of time writing code that will automatically clean and error check our Education Data meaning the data you’re using to fuel your marketing efforts is error free of typos, weird characters, and pesky gremlins!

That’s all for now!

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