Campus: November's Big Announcement

Campus: November's Big Announcement

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Guy Lewis
Published: 28th November 2016

So here's the thing...

Here at Campus HQ we've had a very busy few months working on a pretty massive feature release and we're totally thrilled to announce that it's ready. Welcome to... cue fanfare ... Campus's brand new Drag 'n' Drop Responsive Email Builder.

Here it is in all its beautifulness!

Campus Drag 'n' Drop

Not only is the builder super-simple to use, pretty cute on the eye, and totally cutting-edge, but it's also going to change your whole Campus experience for the better because of two big reasons:

Big Reason #1 - If you can drag 'n' drop it, you can build it!

No longer do you have to worry about knowing and understanding the finer details of HTML coding to build great marketing emails in Campus. With Drag 'n' Drop you've got the tools and flexibility to build emails that only the most seasoned email geeks could have dreamt of building before... in minutes... with no training!

Big Reason #2 - The time for responsive is... now!

Every email you build using the new builder is responsive as standard. Jen, our Lead Coder and her team have been conducting a pretty intensive research study recently that proves that more and more teachers and school staff read their emails on mobiles and tablets (along with some very important other findings which we'll be releasing as a whitepaper through Sprint Labs soon).

Oh, and along with this great new way to build emails, we've also built a tonne of responsive templates to help get you started.

Campus Drag'n'Drop Email Builder Templates

We hope you enjoy using Drag 'n' Drop; we're convinced of its power to change the way you build emails going forward for the better. Of course, if you've got any questions at all about it then head on over to the Campus Knowledge Base which will walk you through the basics and, if you need to, ping us by email at

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