Episode 3: Ghost Buttons

Episode 3: Ghost Buttons

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Sophie Scott-Lewis
Published: 14th May 2015

This is the third part of my 'Confessions of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer' blog series, where I'll be looking at the 5 transformative design trends that will carry your email marketing through the summer.

Today I'm looking at a relatively new design phenomenon, made popular by Apple: ghost buttons. They’re an uber-sleek kind of button, consisting of little more than an outline, call to action text (generally in a sans serif font), and a transparent middle.

It’s no mistake why these buttons are making it big this year, they have a variety of advantages in marketing; here are just a few reasons why we will be continuing to use them in our clients’ designs this year.

Flat: Modernity at its best: the flat, simplistic colours of a ghost button fit perfectly within a flat design.

Fat-free: They are light in ‘visual weight’ so if you have a complex design, you can balance the imagery with ghost buttons harmoniously.

Fresh: These buttons hold their own in a layout; although they’re somewhat ‘floaty’ in nature, their simplistic modern appearance adds a little more calm than your standard bevelled button providing visual breathing space for a busy layout or complicated copy.

Ghost Buttons

Take away quick-tip: Use these buttons to balance heavyweight visuals which will add a sleek look to your designs.

Tune in next week for episode 4.

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