Episode 5: Data Visualisation

Episode 5: Data Visualisation

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Sophie Scott-Lewis
Published: 11th June 2015

This is the last episode in my ‘Confessions of an Obsessive Compulsive Designer’ blog series (try to hold back the tears please). Today, I'll be walking you through the colourful world of data visualisation.

With teachers’ diaries packed more than ever with meetings, events, and the odd detention, it’s imperative that your message is relayed in a way that is as quick and as easy to digest as possible.

As I’ve already mentioned in episodes 2 and 4, Photography and Typography do this really well, but when the message is based on figures, data visualisation is a great way to convey your content effectively.

Playful: Last year we saw a dramatic rise in the use of infographics as a way to deliver facts and figures in a more entertaining way. Be playful by linking your email to a custom-made infographic or interactive slider so your recipients can interact with your brand on a more personal level.

Colour: As a designer, I LOVE colour, and find facts boring at the best of times. Try using a bright and contrasting colour palette for your data graphics (like the custom-designed pie chart below) to grab attention and drive home your stats.


Alternate: Keep things interesting; alternate how you display your data. Every now and then, try creating the graphs yourself in a design program (Adobe has some great ones) rather than a simple bar graph from Office: it’s fun and adds a little character to your email design.

Take away quick-tip: Don’t just explain your stats, illustrate them using graphics.

So, there you have it, five wonderful design trends dissected, digested, and ready for you to use in your next marketing to schools strategy this year. The series isn’t over mind you, I’ve only just begun. Throughout the year you can join me back here as I obsessively deconstruct more design in a bid to make inboxes across the UK a more delightful place.

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