The Sprint Education edu-news roundup - the topics on teachers’ minds

The Sprint Education edu-news roundup - the topics on teachers’ minds

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Rebecca McGilvray
Published: 12th February 2020

Teachers are like the Mr Miyagi of understanding their audience!

They know what the latest playground craze is (it’s not the floss anymore fyi – sorry guys!) and they know the latest app that their teenage students are scrolling through rather than doing their homework.

So, why do they know all these details?

Because these details are important to their audience (their students), and as it’s their job to keep their students engaged day in and day out, the ability to reference topics that are relevant and of interest is essential for engagement in the classroom.

The same is entirely true for edu-marketing. Ensuring your content is relevant to your audience is a must for good engagement and a successful email campaign.

In the words of Mr Miyagi himself, “Ambition without knowledge is like a boat on dry land.”

So, let us lead your boat to water and fill you in on the topics that are on teachers’ minds and impacting your business now…

The ‘post-Brexit education revolution’

At the end of January, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson stood up in front of the Education World Forum and declared his ambition that British education should be the envy of the world. There are plenty of unknowns still facing the education sector before the end of the transition period including;

The teaching of languages Many modern foreign language teachers are recruited from abroad, and there are concerns that issues with recruitment and retention in this field could increase.

Studying abroad Gavin Williamson announced at the World Economic Forum the one-year extension of a £2.5 million school exchange programme which benefits children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

International students The Government is aiming to grow the number of international higher education students studying abroad in the UK to 600,000 by 2030 and they have announced the introduction of new post-study work visas that will be introduced in 2021, allowing international students to stay and work in the UK for two years after graduating.

The Government attempts to tackle the teacher recruitment and retention crisis

You must have seen or heard the ads by now? The Government released their latest recruitment advert at the start of the year to coincide with the confirmation that they will be sticking to their earlier pledge to increase starting salaries in an attempt to tackle the crisis in teacher recruitment and retention.

Starting salaries are due to rise to £26,000 from September, an increase (outside London) of 6.7%. Starter salaries in outer London will rise to £30,000 and £32,000 in inner London. Experienced teachers, in contrast, will receive a 2.5% pay rise this year and unions have highlighted that disparity in pay rises have not been viewed favourably before.

The return of routine inspections for 'outstanding' schools

Around 3,700 schools in England will be affected by the policy change that means all schools including those deemed ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted will lose their status as exempt from inspections for 10 years. The exemption has been in place since 2012 and was introduced by Michael Gove.

The state of SEND provision

Concerns have been raised by Ofsted about a “lack of coherence and coordination” in special needs provision largely caused by a “chronic lack of funding” in the inspectorate’s annual report. The report continues by saying that “communication between education, health and care professionals, and between professionals and families, is poor.”

Period products free in all schools

As part of the Department for Education’s plan to support “period equality”, free period products are now available to students at every Primary School, Secondary School, and College in England. According to a report released by phs, more than 52% of teenagers with periods have missed school or college because of their period.

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