Free Teacher Perks Account for Customers!

Free Teacher Perks Account for Customers!

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Ben Lewis
Published: 5th January 2019

Sprint Education Co-Founders - Ben and Guy Lewis

On New Year’s Eve - whilst sharing in a state of slight “sozzlement” - Guy (my brother and fellow Sprint Co-Founder) and I began to discuss Teacher Perks and what 2019 held for it.

For those of you that don’t know Teacher Perks is the world’s first perks site dedicated purely to the education sector, which we launched 12 months ago.

With almost zero marketing over the year, we’ve managed to generate over 50,000 teacher sign ups, and collectively saved our members hundreds of thousands of pounds on high street brands, groceries, family days out, holidays, and even insurance and broadband.

The Teacher Perks portal

It’s one hell of a concept which we’re finding new teachers falling over themselves to sign up to. However, the brainchild of Teacher Perks wasn’t just about giving great discounts and offers to people working within the education sector; It was also a platform that gave teachers the choice to give us their explicit GDPR compliant opt-in consent, and to receive marketing communications from our clients (education businesses).

(I should note here that, to my knowledge, Sprint Education is still the only education marketing agency that has true GDPR compliant opt-in consent for teacher data that is not processed as legitimate interest).

But back to New Year’s Eve…

With the cheese board half devoured and the drinks going down like a homesick mole, we began to carefully deconstruct every facet of the Teacher Perks model, and deliberated on the colossal potential that the platform presented for the education sector in 2019 and beyond.

Although, if I’m being honest, by this point Guy and I were both four rums and cokes down, and the conversation (as I recall) went a bit more like this…

BEN: “2018 eh? What a year!”

GUY: “Oh yeah.”

BEN: “And Teacher Perks. What a bloody cracker.”

GUY: “Oh totally yeah!”

BEN: “Big plans for it in 2019, eh?”

GUY: “Defo! Big plans, big big plans.”

BEN: “So what about giving access to our clients and not just teachers?”

GUY: (Chuckling quietly with glee). “…I love it bro!”

A chink of our glasses and it was agreed. It seems not every decision in business has to be a metaphorical mountain to climb!

So it was decided, and with that, let me be the last to wish you a Happy New Year and the first to inform you about this unique free gift from Sprint Education to its clients in 2019. If your business uses our strategy or Campus services this year then you and your whole team will be entitled to free access to Teacher Perks.

Check it out here:

Current perks that you would have instant access to include…

1/ EE Broadband – monthly savings.

2/ Virgin Holidays - % discounts.

3/ Alton Towers – Half price tickets.

4/ Audible – 50% off first 3 months.

and loads more!

If you are ready to take advantage of the above and at the same time allow us to help you tear down your 2019 sales targets, then get in touch. My team and I are ready to work with you to create enthralling marketing content that will captivate teachers, and grow your education business.

Email:, or call: 01684 297374.

(Ben is the Co-Founder of Sprint Education and has managed over 4,000 education marketing strategies since 2007).

*There are a small amount of perks that are only available if you hold a teachers' ID card, so these will not be available for you to redeem.

Emailing Teachers

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