Hi, I'm Dan, the newest member of Sprint's Marketing and Content team

Hi, I'm Dan, the newest member of Sprint's Marketing and Content team

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Dan Middlehurst
Published: 30th March 2015

As an English graduate arriving at my first job in Marketing, I was bound to feel a wee bit nervous before starting; but with Sprint Education’s perfectly balanced training involving copious amounts of tea, innovative seminar sessions, and a couple o’ friendly whippets thrown in there for good measure, I’ve fitted in seamlessly. I’ve even been awarded my very own personal Mr. Clever mug – a Sprint formality.

Dan Mug

Sprint fondly opened their arms and welcomed me in to make me feel right at home, and have showed me what it takes to be a Sprint team member:

Daring to be Different:

Here at Sprint we strive to be different from the sector. The philosophy at Sprint takes away the corporate side of marketing and delivers a friendly, knowledgeable, and down-to-earth service. It’s something we pride ourselves on, after all being different is good, right?

Mr. Clever:

The team have been digging in deep all week and have been delivering their expertise in each area of marketing through compelling and informative sessions. Having ex-teachers in the Sprint team definitely gives it an edge during training sessions and helps provide stunning seminars.

I’ve been given an outstanding level of training, putting me in good stead for the future (if you’ll forgive the Ofsted pun). Learning the ins-and-outs of every specific cog at Sprint has been vital in showing me how we flourish in what we do.

Love is All Around Us:

It’s not every day you get licked on the cheek by one of your team members. Granted it was Rudi the whippet (morale-officer), but the Sprint team really are a devoted bunch that love their clients. In my first week here I’ve learnt that Sprint always goes the extra mile for its clients.

Whether it’s producing sparkling copy or imaginative designs, Sprint do their best for every single client and it’s something it thrives on.

Best of Friends:

The Sprint team loves a bit of country music and has a strict brew regime - all of the team-members are friendly, charming and highly-knowledgeable when it comes to marketing to schools.

After all, a good working environment leads to great results for everyone involved. We believe in a welcoming ethos and it’s something that’s helped me smash my first week for six.

Look to the future:

The Sprint squad are a bright bunch and my first week here has taught me how we’re always looking to the future to revolutionise our way of marketing. We don’t follow the crowds round ‘ere.

Being a super-fast-paced agency, we’re constantly thinking of new ways to innovate and get the best for our clients. With Campus coming soon, the future’s bright for everyone involved with Sprint Education…

So far my first week at Sprint has been a whirlwind tour into the world of marketing to schools. My hand has been firmly held and I’ve been guided through each component lovingly. I’m very lucky to have been taken under the wing and nurtured by the Sprint team, in what is great place to be - a dynamic and fun workplace, where the ethos revolves around workin’ hard and lovin’ what we do!

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