How a 3-Phase Email Strategy Generated Sales of £350k for Spacebuilder

How a 3-Phase Email Strategy Generated Sales of £350k for Spacebuilder

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Ben Lewis
Published: 14th March 2016

We love nothing more at Sprint Education than sharing our clients' successes. That's why we were absolutely bowled over when Alan May from Spacebuilder called us recently to let us know that the last marketing strategy we created for him had (so far) generated sales of £350,000. Not a bad result from an initial investment of £3k!

In this inspirational case study, Alan shares his thoughts on why the strategy was such a rip-roaring success...


“Spacebuilder has been operating in the education premises sector for 12 years. We’ve always felt like it was an area with enormous potential for us as schools have a real need for the services we offer. However, in the past we’ve not had the time or resources to really target the sector effectively.”

Spacebuilder Case Study


“As we’re a very small team we simply don’t have the time or expertise to manage our email marketing effectively. For that reason, we really needed to find a company that would take complete ownership of our marketing and enable us to focus on following up the leads and doing what we do best.”

“A site survey is the first step for us in developing a relationship with a school so we asked Sprint Education to generate as many meeting requests as possible from our emails.”


“The great thing about the Lead Creation Plan is that Sprint Education were able to manage the entire strategy for us; all it required from us was to have a quick 10 minute chat with their copywriter. After that, Sprint really took full control of the strategy and they seemed to know exactly the approach that would generate the most responses for us.”


Spacebuilder Results Snapshot

“We were blown away by the response to our email campaigns. In total they generated over 70 high-quality leads for us and already that has translated to sales of approximately £350k. Sprint Education really understand the sector and their marketing expertise has enabled us to take our education business to the next level.”


With the new school budgets landing any day now, there's no better time to get in touch with the Client Success Team here at Sprint Education and start planning your next marketing strategy. Just email me at or call us on 01684 297374 and let's make it happen!

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