How a Full-Year Strategy Helped SAM Learning Increase Sales by 13%

How a Full-Year Strategy Helped SAM Learning Increase Sales by 13%

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John Smith
Published: 17th March 2016

At Sprint Education we're used to working under pressure. However, when Gareth Mellor told me that he'd basically used us as his sales pitch in his job interview at SAM Learning, I'll admit that a tiny bead of sweat may have appeared on my brow!

I needn't have worried. In the next 12 months the email strategy we designed for Gareth helped him to achieve an incredible 13% rise in sales during his first year as Marketing Manager at SAM Learning. In this blog post, Gareth explains how Sprint Education went about reinventing SAM Learning's marketing to schools strategy.

The Background:

“I joined SAM Learning as Marketing Manager 13 months ago after I basically used Sprint Education as my interview pitch! I said in my interview that I’d been doing a lot of research into the education marketing industry and that, if I got the job, then we simply had to start working with these guys.”


The Challenge:

“Prior to my joining SAM Learning they had been using a couple of other education marketing agencies and, to be honest, my impression is that they’d been sending a heck of a lot of emails with not much impact. From what I’ve seen of the stats from those campaigns, the open rate was always around 8% with click-through rates stuck around the 0.2% mark.”

“With previous experiences of email marketing being so unspectacular, I desperately needed Sprint to drastically improve the levels of engagement so that I could demonstrate that email marketing was the right way forward for the business.”

The Solution: A Full-Year Digital Strategy

“Having the chance to visit Sprint and have a chat with Jackie about our marketing strategy was incredibly useful. A lot of the things we discussed were things that I felt I already wanted to do but Jackie’s advice has certainly made those things much more likely to come to fruition.”

“I was so impressed with the work that Sprint did for us on those initial campaigns. The copy, design, and tone of the emails that Sprint created for us were just so superior to anything that anyone had ever produced for us in the past. Asking them to work with us throughout the full academic year just seemed like an absolute no-brainer to me.”


The Results:

“When we first started working with Sprint it felt like we were simply using their services, however I would now say that they’ve become the backbone of what we do.”


“The effectiveness of our marketing has changed out of sight. In the last quarter they have tripled the number of leads we are generating and sales for this year have increased by 13% which is just fantastic.”

“In fact the strategy has been so successful that we’ve actually set ourselves the target of doubling the number of schools we sign up next year – it’s a hugely ambitious target but I’m confident that Sprint can help us get there!”

Do you want to reinvent your marketing strategy?

If you're wondering how you can ensure your marketing to schools packs a little bit more (or a lot more) of a punch, then get in touch with our Client Success Team to arrange a free strategy fizz session at our offices in Tewkesbury. A year from now you could be looking back on an incredible 12 months with the same triumphant glint in your eye as Gareth at SAM Learning!

Just email us at or call us on 01684 297374 and let’s make it happen!

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