How to Create a Fan Base of Teachers (Part 1)

How to Create a Fan Base of Teachers (Part 1)

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John Smith
Published: 28th July 2014

According to our recent Selling to Schools Inbound Marketing Survey, only 32% of you are regularly emailing teachers with free resources in order to encourage them to follow your company.

If you’re one of the remaining 68% then it’s time to pull your socks up, because you’re falling badly behind the competition!

Inbound marketing is all about building a loyal band of teachers that follow, trust, appreciate, and love you. Providing them with a free eBook that helps them in their daily teaching lives is one of the simplest and best ways of achieving this.

Create a Fan Base of Teachers

In exchange for downloading your eBook, all you ask from teachers is to provide you with their email address, and some details about their buyer persona so that you can go on sending them great content that cements their loyalty, and moves them through your sales funnel.

An eBook is dead simple for you to create but, by providing teachers with free knowledge that helps them overcome classroom problems, you will ensure your email becomes a delightful addition to their inboxes.

So, how do you create an eBook that will be read, and more importantly, cherished by teachers?

Easy! Over the coming days we will be talking you through the 11 small, simple steps that will enable you to create an eBook that instantly catapults you into the upper echelons of the marketing to schools brigade.

Watch this space.

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