How to Create a Fan Base of Teachers (Part 2)

How to Create a Fan Base of Teachers (Part 2)

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Ben Lewis
Published: 30th July 2014

Over the next few days we’re going to talk you through the 11 simple steps to creating a free eBook that is going to delight teachers and help you build a loyal band of followers that trust, appreciate, and love you.

We’ve split the creation of the eBook into 3 bitesize stages; concept, content and construct. Today we’re going to get cracking with the first of these stages…

Concept: Developing a vision of what your eBook should achieve


Step 1: Find a problem that needs solving

The best way to provide teachers with great value is to find a problem that is having a real impact on their daily lives. This should be the easy part; the key is to speak to the people that engage with teachers on a daily basis – your sales team!

This very eBook is the result of weekly catch-up meetings I have with the Campaign Managers at Sprint. These meetings have highlighted the increasing number of our clients looking to create a free eBook for their Inbound strategies, but not knowing how to go about it – et voila!

Step 2: Show teachers how to solve it

It might sound obvious but the whole focus of your free eBook must be explaining to teachers what they need to do in order to solve this problem for themselves.

It is going to be tempting to talk about how you can help solve their problems but this eBook isn’t about you, it’s about them. The only trace of your existence should be the delicate bouquet of expertise emanating from your words as they dance across the page!

Your free eBook only represents genuine value if it gives teachers the knowledge and tools they need to help themselves.

Step 3: Don’t hold back – over deliver!

It’s common for eBook writers to want to hold something back through a fear they will make themselves redundant by giving away all their trade secrets.

This is nonsense! If you collated all of Sprint’s whitepapers you would know everything we know about marketing to schools, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to want to do all your marketing yourself.

Teachers are giving up their email addresses in the belief they are gaining information that will help them do their job, so you must repay that faith. Even better, over deliver and they will assume you’ll do the same with anything you do in the future – a massive credibility boost!

That's it for today, next up will be Jackie who will be helping you complete your eBook vision.

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