How to Create a Fan Base of Teachers (Part 3)

How to Create a Fan Base of Teachers (Part 3)

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Jackie O'Shea
Published: 5th August 2014

Creating free resources that will delight teachers by helping them to improve their daily teaching lives should be a cornerstone of your marketing to schools. Yet it’s something that only 32% of sellers to schools currently do on a regular basis.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to educate the remaining 68% about how simple it is to create an eBook that is going to help you create a band of loyal teacher followers.

Ben has already discussed steps 1-3 so if you missed his previous blog, now is a good time to hit the rewind button.

Today, I’m going to pick up the journey and talk you through steps 4-5, which will enable you to complete your vision of what you want to achieve with your free eBook:

Step 4: Avoid the temptation to start selling

I can say from experience that there is no worse feeling than downloading a free eBook in good faith, only to find that it spends much of its time trying to sell to you.

When it comes to a free eBook there is an unspoken agreement between creator and reader; not only will the eBook not cost anything but it won’t try to promote any products or services either.

Break this unspoken agreement and you will damage the trust that you’re trying so hard to build.

Step 5: Make teachers feel something!

So we’re agreed that you can’t actively sell your products and services through your free eBook. However, you probably still want to encourage teachers to get in touch with you. So what can you do?

You have to make sure the eBook stimulates some sort of emotional response in your readers – it might be excitement, intrigue, concern, or even anger if you are exposing failings in the education system.

Decide what emotion you want your eBook to provoke and use that to determine your writing style.

By now you should have a clear vision of what you're going trying to achieve with your eBook. The next phase is delivering that vision is a style that will engage teachers, so stay tuned and Sophie will be along shortly to talk you through the Content phase of eBook creation.

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