How to Create a Fan Base of Teachers (Part 4)

How to Create a Fan Base of Teachers (Part 4)

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Sophie Scott-Lewis
Published: 8th August 2014

If you've been following this blog recently you'll know that we’re currently on a mission to educate sellers to schools on how to become inbound marketing legends.

The first step to that end is to create free eBooks that provide teachers with valuable knowledge that helps them in their daily teaching lives.

So far the rest of the guys have talked you through the Concept stage (basically how to develop your vision of what you want your eBook to achieve). If you missed this then now is a good time to hit the rewind button.

Today I’m going to diuscuss the next phase:

Content: Delivering your vision in a style that engages teachers


Step 6: Break it down - make it snackable!

Now you’ve got a roadmap of what you want your free eBook to achieve, you need to start thinking about how you are going to present it so that it’s in a format teachers will actually want to read.

The most crucial thing here is to break it down into bite-size chunks so that it doesn’t appear too daunting. Utilise headers to aid skim reading and prevent long banks of unbroken text - think along the lines of ‘5 Top Tips’, ‘7 Easy Steps’ and ’10 Shocking Facts’.

Step 7: Reinforce key points with visual cues

What are the key points that you want teachers to take away from this free eBook? Try to use images, quotes, or graphically represented stats to reinforce these key points and make them memorable.

It will help to break up the long banks of uninterrupted text, and it’s a much more engaging way of getting your message across.

Step 8: Your eBook needs to feel personal

To be truly engaging your eBook needs to connect with teachers on a personal level. Therefore, it’s crucial that it is written in a personalised style and appears to come from an individual at your company.

Use the eBook to position that person as a thought leader and unrivalled expert in their field. Try to include a page about them at the front of the eBook, outlining their experience and showing why they are uniquely placed to offer their guidance on the subject.

Oh, and make sure you include a picture of them too!

That's it for today. Next up will be John to talk you through the Construct phase of your eBook creation - basically how to package your eBook so that it looks enticing, professional and will stand the test of time.

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