The New Campus Feature That Can Improve Your Response Rate By 600%

The New Campus Feature That Can Improve Your Response Rate By 600%

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John Smith
Published: 15th August 2019

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New Campus features have been coming off the production line pretty rapidly over the last few months, with our newly expanded development team taking the software into new and exciting places.

However, the feature that went live yesterday morning has the power to sky-rocket your campaign responses like nothing before (and maybe nothing after).

Land your email in the inboxes of up to 300,000 UK teachers/staff

After months of development and beta testing (in which a select number of existing users saw a mammoth 600% increase in their campaign response rates), we’ve now shipped our new teacher inboxes list building feature, giving clients the ability to send their email campaigns direct to the named inboxes of up to 300,000 UK teachers/staff.

It’s hard to overstate what an impact this new feature is going to have on our clients’ campaigns. By bypassing the school office and landing their message in the inboxes of the key decision makers, our clients have so far seen a six-fold increase in the number of responses and enquiries they’re able to generate.

Those are serious numbers. Life-changing numbers.

How to unlock this new feature

If you’re an existing Campus user, or you’re not but would like to be, then get in touch with Ben or John on 01684 297374 or at and they will talk you through how to become one of a very select number of businesses with a direct line to the key decision makers and budget influencers working in UK schools, colleges and universities.

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