Equipping Sellers to Schools with Insight

Equipping Sellers to Schools with Insight

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Matthew Ward
Published: 10th December 2020

Many education businesses have taken a firm grip on their marketing in the previous year.

Rather than outsourcing their marketing, an in-house approach has given them a greater sense of control and agility during an unpredictable period.

That is the case for our clients that use Campus, our edu-marketing, data, and sales platform.

Campus provides unfettered access to our impeccably maintained database of schools and staff, while giving users the autonomy to create and manage their email marketing strategies by themselves.

It’s the ultimate solution for businesses that are wholly, or partly, invested in bringing their marketing to schools in-house.

Be independent – use our know-how without us

One of our goals this year has been to empower education businesses, our clients, and Campus users.

Things are changing, and we didn’t want to focus our energy on fighting for the old ways; spending our resources trying to convince education businesses they needed our expertise to navigate the uncertainty.

Instead, we loosened our grip and focused on building a new model.

In this model, instead of holding all the cards, we wanted to empower education businesses striking out on their own by contributing information to a publicly available knowledge base that contained solutions specifically for their problems.

We started with the Academy, an online library of resources and guides free for anyone to access on our website. A bounty of free knowledge specifically created with marketing to schools in mind. It contains everything an edu-marketer needs to understand schools, speak to teachers, and write emails that sell.

For our Campus users, well we’re going one step further and giving them the real VIP treatment.

Introducing the Education Insights Module

Campus's newest feature is the Education Insights Module, where we're able to share with Campus users the detailed knowledge, data, and performance statistics we use to plan and execute successful digital strategies internally.

Our goal is to make our Campus users the most knowledgable education marketers in the sector, ultimately outperforming the competition, and growing their businesses.

With the Education Insights Module, you’ll be armed with all the information, guides, and stats you need to become a self-sufficient education marketing expert without the need for external support.

Out with the old, in with the new

We’ll be releasing the first component of the Insights Module in a few days, and it will have an immediate impact on how Campus users plan their email marketing.

Here’s a hint: its days are numbered.

Check back in a few days for an answer to the riddle, and a glimpse at Campus’ latest feature.

In the meantime, discover how you can use Campus on your own terms to connect with 31,000 educational establishments and 400,000 UK school staff and teachers by getting in touch.

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