National Children’s Book Week: It’s Not Just for Children!

National Children’s Book Week: It’s Not Just for Children!

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John Smith
Published: 11th April 2013

I love books. No, it’s more than that: I’m obsessed with them. Once I’ve read a book it becomes part of me and takes its place on my bookcase until such a time that I decide to revisit it. I don’t lend my books to anyone and I get upset if anyone offers to loan them out on my behalf – after all you wouldn’t offer to loan out someone else’s children would you?

Many of the books that are most precious to me are the ones I read when I was young. The Hungry Caterpillar is the first book I recall that really ignited my imagination. Later I had my first great adventure with Danny Champion of the World and then To Kill a Mockingbird at High School taught me some of life’s most important lessons.

For one week in May (May 13th – 19th to be exact) schools in the UK will be hosting celebrations for National Children’s Book Week. This will include anything from asking pupils to select a book from the library to read in class, to staging book review contests or even organising a visit from a local author.

If like me you were inspired by books as a child then I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a fantastic cause and well worth supporting – anything that entices children away from their computers should be encouraged I think. Oh wait, we have e-books now don’t we? Scrap that last bit then!

The good news for you is that you can promote your products and services to schools and support this great cause at the same time. Schools are socially aware organisations that prefer to conduct their business with other socially aware organisations: by showing that you are aware of National Children’s Book Week you are already halfway towards distinguishing yourself from other businesses who might be promoting similar products or services. While the competition are just looking to drum up some sales your company is making the effort to support a very noble cause!

Why don’t you think of a special offer that you can run in support of this worthwhile initiative and then get in touch with Sprint Education and we’ll help you email teachers directly? We have over 29,000 named Head Teachers, over 8,000 named English Teachers and over 1,000 named Librarians, meaning you can just sit back and watch your sales soar!

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