Now Available: 185,000 International School Contacts

Now Available: 185,000 International School Contacts

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Matthew Ward
Published: 20th October 2021

It's here! A big International Schools dataset all built, bundled up, and ready to help your edu-business connect with British curriculum and British speaking schools across 55 countries.

Now, when fulfilling our strategy clients' campaigns we can now broadcast their message to 185,000 educators across 6,000 global International Schools.

For our awesome Campus users, it won't be long until this new dataset is implemented into the software and you will have the option to upgrade to access the International Schools data and start to target this extremely lucrative sector within the global education market.

How many International Schools are on the database?

Although there is approximately 10,000 British International Schools world-wide we've only collected the data of staff within around 6,000 of these.

Why? I hear you ask!

Many countries have their own local email, privacy, and data laws, which make it illegal to process the data and email school contacts in certain circumstances.

Responsible data management and the protection of our clients' brands is of paramount importance to Sprint Education. Therefore, to ensure that we're not being irresponsible or risking our clients getting into 'hot water', we only ever collect and provide the data of the schools in countries where it is permitted.

To the best of our knowledge we are the only International Schools data provider in the world that will safeguard you against using 'risky' International Schools data in this way.

Others may well pass on to you data of contacts in schools located in countries where it is illegal for you to contact them. Be careful and be warned!

How is the data organised?

We’ve worked hard to reduce the complexity in international schools to a straightforward set of labels that will connect you with the right educators.

Now you can identify your target audience by faculty, seniority, subjects and specialisms that resonate with you and your business.

Select International Faculty and Staff by Seniority

Each faculty contains familiar departments, for example, Mathematics, Humanities, or Senior Management.

There is a wide range of leadership titles across schools, so we’ve categorised these by seniority, making it easy to identify their level and area of influence.

Levels of Seniority: • Advisor • Counsellor • Department Deputy • Department Leader • Middle Leader • Senior Leader • Support • Teacher

Target Specific Subjects and Specialisms

By distilling the commonality in educational topics and roles across international schools into a familiar list of subjects and specialisations, teaching staff from every discipline are recognisable.

Here are some of the roles you’ll find in the following categories:

Senior Leadership Team

• Dean • Deputy Head/Principal • Assistant Head/Principal • Head Teacher/Principal • Vice Principal


• Biology • Chemistry • Marine Science • Medical and Medicinal • Physics


• Admissions • Counsellor • HR Manager • Network Manager • Premises

Our international database features hundreds of different subjects and specialisms where you’ll find contacts for everything from Accounting to Sanskrit.

Search Sprint’s International Database

Comb the international database for precisely the establishments you’re looking for.

Set your search parameters using 55 countries, 10 regions, 80+ school types, over 100 curriculums, 56 languages, and dozens of associations.

Available international data fields:

• Name • School Type • Address • Telephone • Email • Website • Age Range • No. of Pupils • Language • Curriculum

You’ll find these data fields and more available with international school and staff data.

Sell to International Schools

Are you familiar with emailing teachers and selling to schools in the UK?

If selling to international schools is a new area for you then get in touch and we'd be delighted to discuss your strategy for reaching International Schools.

Get in touch, and we can discuss the potential international school data holds for you.

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