Part 2: The 5 Teacher Personalities (And How to Sell to Them)

Part 2: The 5 Teacher Personalities (And How to Sell to Them)

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Ben Lewis
Published: 18th November 2014

Today is the second part in our analysis of the 5 key teacher personalities that are emerging in the marketing to schools world.

If you missed the first part of the journey, then now is a good time to hit the rewind button and read all about how email marketing has given rise to a new race of superhero teachers; each one equipped with a special power that helps to protect their school from unscrupulous sales companies...

Teacher Superhero 2: Mrs Calculus

Mrs Calculus


Her brain works like a super-computer and she likes to take on-board masses of information before running the various options through her microprocessor mind in order to calculate the correct solution for her school.

Effect of virus:

The wiring in Mrs Calculus’s brain has short circuited and now she is unable to select the correct option. Instead she just keeps requesting you provide her with more and more quotes without ever committing to go ahead with any one of them.

How to diagnose:

Mrs Calculus will request lots of different versions of quotes/information, come back with lots of questions and appear interested, but won’t actually commit. She can end up consuming a lot of time from your day and, by complying with all her demands, it is likely that the result will be a fatal case of analysis-paralysis.

The perfect potion to cure her:

1. Diagnose early and drill down exactly what she wants.

2. Leave a delay before replying to her emails so you can avoid being sucked into a hypnotic table-tennis style rally of correspondence.

3. Don’t be afraid to use your expertise to tell her what is best for her.

In the most serious cases:

Pick up the phone. Email, by its very nature, fosters a back-and-forth dynamic where she can keep asking more and more questions. Snap her out of this trance-like state by phoning her to deal with her questions quickly, efficiently and in one swift hit.

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