Part 3: The 5 Teacher Personalities (And How to Sell to Them)

Part 3: The 5 Teacher Personalities (And How to Sell to Them)

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Kelly Wright
Published: 24th November 2014

Today is the third part in our analysis of the 5 key teacher personalities that are emerging in the marketing to schools world.

If you're just joining us on this journey then now might be a good time to hit the rewind button and read all about how email marketing has given rise to a new race of superhero teachers; each one equipped with a special power that helps them protect their school from unscrupulous sales companies…

Teacher Superhero 3: Dr Invisible

Dr Invisible


Head of the Chemistry department, Dr Invisible has concocted a potion that means he can vanish into thin air in order to help his school dodge the attention of sinister sales forces.

Effect of virus:

The virus has resulted in Dr Invisible losing control of his disappearing powers and he has now developed a nasty habit of vanishing at the most inopportune moments. His claustrophobic nature means that he is most likely to disappear when he feels backed into a corner by being asked to commit to something.

How to diagnose:

Dr Invisible is ironically fairly simple to spot; he will appear unreliable and slippery from the start. He will often commission work without confirming anything in writing, preferring instead to agree things over the phone so he can leave himself enough wiggle room to vanish into the ether when things get too hot.

The perfect potion to cure him:

1. Lock him down by getting him to confirm everything in writing.

2. Highlight terms and conditions clearly before sending an order confirmation.

3. Be careful not to undertake any work until steps 1 and 2 have been taken.

In the most serious cases:

Dr Invisible is usually quite bullish when enquiring so is a cracking opportunity for an up-sell. A higher priced order will also mean that he is less likely to disappear, or treat your services casually, as more of his department’s money is at stake.

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