Part 4: The 5 Teacher Personalities (And How to Sell to Them)

Part 4: The 5 Teacher Personalities (And How to Sell to Them)

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John Smith
Published: 8th December 2014

Today is the fourth part in our analysis of the 5 key teacher personalities that are emerging in the marketing to schools world.

If you're just joining us on this journey then now might be a good time to hit the rewind button and read all about how email marketing has given rise to a new race of superhero teachers; each one equipped with a special power that helps them protect their school from unscrupulous sales companies…

Teacher Superhero 4: Miss Jekyll-Hyde



Mrs Jekyll-Hyde is what’s commonly known as a shape shifter; which means she can flit between multiple personalities in order to put unsavoury sales people into a confused and disoriented head-spin!

Effect of virus:

Unfortunately the virus has meant that one of Miss Jekyll-Hyde’s personalities (the angry one) has become more dominant than the others. And the trouble for you is that it keeps bubbling to the surface whenever the slightest thing goes wrong!

How to diagnose:

Mrs Jekyll-Hyde is notoriously hard to diagnose in the early stages as she will appear so nice and friendly. The first sign of who you are dealing with will be when she becomes very angry, very quickly, when the tiniest thing goes wrong.

The perfect potion to cure her:

1. Disarm her with charm and make her feel super-important.

2. Reassure her that everything possible will be done to fix/resolve her issues.

3. Pass her to a customer service manager or director. It will make her feel important and they are specially trained to treat these dangerous cases.

In the most serious cases:

It’s not uncommon for Mrs Jekyll-Hyde to vent her anger by posting on your social media accounts. Oh the horror! Don’t panic; construct a nicely measured public response that will let your customers know that your company is standing by to help. Solve the issue publicly to beat her at her own game!

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