Part 5: The 5 Teacher Personalities (And How to Sell to Them)

Part 5: The 5 Teacher Personalities (And How to Sell to Them)

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Jackie O'Shea
Published: 10th December 2014

Today is the final part in our analysis of the 5 key teacher personalities that are emerging in the marketing to schools world.

If you're just joining us on this journey then now might be a good time to hit the rewind button and read all about how email marketing has given rise to a new race of superhero teachers; each one equipped with a special power that helps them protect their school from unscrupulous sales companies…

Teacher Superhero 5: Mr Purrfect



Mr Purrfect always had an eye for detail, but that innate quality has been honed into an x-ray like ability to detect even the most microscopic inadequacies in a company’s sales pitch.

Effect of virus:

Mr Purrfect’s heightened eye for detail has now mutated and been replaced by a paranoid control-freak streak. Now he sees mistakes everywhere and is terrified of letting any project out of his sight for fear that you will take his money and leave him with a shoddy product.

How to diagnose:

Mr Purrfect is at his most controlling during the implementation stage, so ensure you spot him before this so that you can prepare the relevant members of your team. By taking the relevant steps it is possible to keep the virus completely in check, but if he does spot imperfections things can quickly spiral out of control!

The perfect potion to cure him:

1. He loves reading – send him free eBooks that reassure him of your expertise.

2. If your product/services require sign off, give him the opportunity to sign-off in mini stages so he feels in control.

3. Double-check all work personally before it is passed over at completion.

In the most serious cases:

If things do get out of control, Mr Purrfect will often try to wrestle complete control of the project from you. In these cases all you can do is reiterate that you would strongly advise against ignoring your expert advice and try to make the best of it.

Customer service has never been more dangerous. This malfunctioning band of highly evolved superhero teachers has the power to drain a lot of your time and energy unless you act quickly to administer the correct potions.

But be not afraid; our team of research scientists are working day and night to produce bottomless stocks of selling to schools serums that will help you cure teachers of their marketing maladies!

You can get your hands on these magic potions over at Sprint Labs; an ever expanding laboratory of free marketing to schools eBooks, infographics, blogs and videos.

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