Sellers to Schools Inbound Marketing Survey: Analysis Day 2

Sellers to Schools Inbound Marketing Survey: Analysis Day 2

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Jackie O'Shea
Published: 7th July 2014

This is day 2 in Sprint's analysis of our recent Sellers to Schools Inbound Marketing Survey, examining why the current marketing to schools playbook is broken.

Today i want to look at the results of questions 2 and 3 from the survey; the results of which truly astound me!

I want to examine the results of these two questions in the same post as i firmly believe that together, these elements should form the basis of your marketing to schools. I simply can't believe how many of our clients are building their marketing on such weak foundations.

Q2. Do you create landing pages so teachers can complete a lead generation form which gives you their buyer persona data?

Inbound Question 2

MIND-BLOWING STAT: 63% of sellers to schools do not use lead generation forms or collect buyer persona data.

The first step towards the future of your marketing should be built on a solid database of contacts, and more importantly their buyer personas. You simply must understand your target market's needs so that you can give them what they want.

Using a lead generation form to capture this information is essential, however you also need to find a way to attract teachers to your landing page; which is where Question 3 comes in...

Q3. How often do you send schools free resources?

Inbound Question 3

A sure-fire way to win over teachers and to encourage them to follow your company is to give them something very useful for free. A free report, a lesson plan, a trial, whatever it might
be, a solid Inbound strategy is built on the quality of what you can give your target market for nothing more than them providing details about their buyer persona.

It’s worrying that only 32% are making a real effort to achieve this.

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