Sellers to Schools Inbound Marketing Survey: Analysis Day 3

Sellers to Schools Inbound Marketing Survey: Analysis Day 3

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John Smith
Published: 9th July 2014

Today is our 3rd day analysing the results of our recent Sellers to Schools Inbound Marketing Survey.

Ben has already used this blog to talk about why he considers the current marketing to schools playbook to be broken (you can read why he thinks it's now essential to break free from the selling to schools stereotype and embrace Inbound here).

Now, it's important to say that Inbound is nothing new. It has been an effective marketing method for doing business online for a while now, but for some strange reason results from our survey show it seems to have bypassed the education sector.

Before we unleash our blueprint for fixing this situation, we're going to continue to analyse the results of the survey so that you can benchmark yourself against the competition and highlight areas where you're currently falling short. So, without further ado, here are the results from Question 4...

Q4. How often do you use video in your marketing?

Inbound Question 4

MIND-BLOWING STAT: 60% of sellers to schools do not currently use any video in their marketing strategies.

Video is a tricky one, so a high result of 60% doesn’t surprise me as much as some of the other results from this survey. We implement video into our own strategies here at Sprint so I know it can be costly, time consuming, and difficult to achieve a polished edit.

But believe you me, when you nail it, it’s damn worth all the extra effort (improving click-through rates by up to 96%). After all, it’s the ultimate way to get your personality across to your market, which is a fundamental part of building long-term relationships with your customers.

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