Sellers to Schools Inbound Marketing Survey: Analysis Day 7

Sellers to Schools Inbound Marketing Survey: Analysis Day 7

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John Smith
Published: 21st July 2014

Over the last 2 weeks we've been publishing the results of our Inbound Marketing Survey and then analysing the hell out of them!

Why have we been doing this? Because we believe that the current marketing to schools playbook is broken and ultimately unsustainable. There is an over-reliance upon outbound techniques such as emailing, posting, and phoning schools, without a strong inbound structure to underpin them.

This summer we're unleashing a series of dynamite resources that we think will get the marketing to schools industry firmly back on track. But I'm getting ahead of myself; lets finish our analysis of our Inbound Survey...

Q10. How many times per week do you publish new social media posts?

Inbound 10

MIND-BLOWING STAT 1: 3.5 is the average number of new social media posts published by UK sellers to schools.

MIND-BLOWING STAT 2: 46% of companies interviewed did not publish any social media posts regularly.

Investing time in social media posts will gradually build a list of inbound followers; these are the people who become loyal advocates of your brand.

If you are able to increase your posts to well above the average of 3.5 per week then you will stand a much greater chance of attracting bigger, more powerful, inbound followers; followers that your competitors will find difficult to wrestle away from you in the future.

If you want to benchmark your Inbound performance against that of your competitors, then you can download your Free Inbound Audit now from our website.

Then keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks as we publish a series of free resources that will coach you on implementing an Inbound marketing culture at your company.

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