Selling to Schools in 2014: Shocking Secret #1

Selling to Schools in 2014: Shocking Secret #1

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Jackie O'Shea
Published: 10th January 2014

When it comes to sticking to New Year’s resolutions, it’s fair to say the Sprint team had a pretty mixed 2013.

Darren amazed us all by becoming a regular at the local gym, while Guy got closer to his dream of representing Britain at the Olympics by taking up badminton and becoming the 37th best player in Tewkesbury!

However, on the flip-side I failed miserably to cut down my caffeine intake, and the less said about Ben’s promise to give up desserts the better… I think I put on weight just from watching him quaff chocolate eclairs!

That’s why, in 2014, we’ve all clubbed together and made a joint resolution we know we can stick to; namely to send you guys more dynamite marketing to schools advice. Not just more, but better, more explosive advice that will really help you sell more to schools.

And to show you we mean business, over the next few weeks we’ll be posting 12 shocking secrets of selling to schools in 2014.

Shocking Secret #1: Fall in love with your funnel

Marketing to Schools Sales Funnel

Trying to sell to teachers at the top of your sales funnel (ie. at first contact) is the 2014 equivalent of moving in for a smooch on a first date in the 1950’s; sometimes you’ll get lucky but mostly you’ll be sent packing with your tail between your legs!

In 2014 take the time to get to know teachers, and build trust by providing them with some value for free. Why not firstly position yourself as a thought leader by sending them a free report or inviting them to attend a free webinar?

Start creating content for each stage of your funnel; for example, educational blog posts and reports for the top of your funnel, case studies for middle-of-the-funnel prospects, and buyer’s guides and executive value guides for the bottom of the funnel.

So, if you’re not already focusing on it, study and understand your own company’s sales funnel. By doing so you will begin to move different teachers at different stages of the buying cycle through the funnel at a speed that suits them. Meaning your marketing can be segmented for maximum efficiency, and then provide a steady high-quality flow of leads for your sales team to reel in.

That’s it for today. On Monday John will be here to talk you through Shocking Secret #2, including how to increase your open rates by 13%!

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