Selling to Schools in 2014: Shocking Secret #2

Selling to Schools in 2014: Shocking Secret #2

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John Smith
Published: 13th January 2014

Last week Jackie revealed the first shocking secret of marketing to schools in 2014 and urged you to fall in love with your funnel. In her post Jackie exalted the virtues of creating different types of content for teachers at different stages of your sales funnel.

Today I want to introduce you to shocking secret #2, which follows on very neatly from Jackie’s post because it is ideal for utilising in your email marketing to mid-funnel prospects.

Once teachers have had their taste buds tickled by your free report or educational blog post, it’s a fantastic time to send them an email that introduces them to the people behind your brand; the friendly faces that you want them to feel able to reach out to.

Shocking Secret #2: Teachers love videos

Video has been used in marketing for years, but 2014 will see the rise of short punchy video blogs that will engage with teachers on a new level.

Whether on YouTube, Vimeo, your own website/blog, video will allow you to put a memorable human face to your company, and nowadays the ‘face’ (or people) within your company are far more important than just a pretty logo.

Here are 3 facts that should make you sit up and take notice of video:

  1. Include the word ‘video’ in your subject line to increase open rates by 13%

  2. Embed a video in your email to increase click-throughs by 96%

  3. Include videos on your landing pages to increase conversions by 86%

That’s it for today. Next up is Sophie, our Head of Design, who is going to introduce shocking secret #3. Don’t miss it!

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