Selling to Schools in 2014: Shocking Secret #8

Selling to Schools in 2014: Shocking Secret #8

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Ben Lewis
Published: 5th February 2014

Have you downloaded your free marketing toolkit from our brand spanking new website yet? If not then I urge you to hot foot it across there right now and get your hands on the ultimate guide to selling more to schools:

Your free toolkit includes the essential facts, stats, and advice that will give you everything you need to master selling to the education sector.

However, although the toolkit doesn’t cost you anything, we do ask for a few key bits of information to enable us to learn a little bit more about the schools and teachers you are interested in targeting with your marketing.

This is vital information that enables us to be more targeted with our future marketing to you and enables us to add maximum value to your schools marketing. So it’s good news for you and it’s good news for us… what’s not to like?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you shocking secret #8…

Shocking Secret #8: Free should never be ‘Free’

By giving teachers something valuable (whether it be a free product to test, or a free lesson plan) you are building confidence and trust in your brand.

However, even though your freebee should not cost anything, you should be asking for something else in exchange and that is information on each individual teacher’s persona.

Ask for information that will drive your future marketing strategies. Not just their name and email address, but more qualitative data such as job role, budget to spend, what would make their job easier, and what times of the year they might be interested in your services.

That’s it from me. Next up it will be John with shocking secret #9!

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