Selling to Schools & The 10 Big Changes in 2013 (Changes 8-10)

Selling to Schools & The 10 Big Changes in 2013 (Changes 8-10)

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Ben Lewis
Published: 10th January 2013

Hopefully now you have digested the first 7 big marketing to schools changes in 2013 which have been published in this blog over the past week and you are ready for the final 3 changes. So here they are...

Change 8: Punchy Subjects

The over-use of all too familiar and tedious subject line styles has made it easy for teachers to delete an email without even checking its content first. Bucking this trend in 2013 will be the emergence of punchy subject lines, focusing on powerful words to inspire action, concise content to appeal to the eye, and highlighting a core benefit to encourage opens.

Powerful buzz words you might consider for your subject lines include: proven, exclusive, limited number, two more days, and advanced tips.

Change 9: Mobile

The number of teachers accessing their school email accounts through mobile devices has grown enormously over the past 12 months. No longer can an email just be optimised for standard email accounts; they must be built to display clearly on a range of mobile devices. By the end of 2013, mobile will become a must-have channel for your marketing.

Change 10: Invest Wisely In Quality Data

Prices for education data start at just £39 and hit £9,950. Both the ‘no-frills’ and ‘all singing, all dancing’ databases can be suitable for different companies depending on their needs, but if you want to sell even more to teachers then you must get the database right first, so that your marketing can be built on a foundation capable of blowing the education market apart.

Below is a link to a MUST HAVE whitepaper I have produced which relates to this point. It is called ‘The True Cost of Education Data. It is certainly worth a read if you are looking to incorporate BIG DATA into your marketing mix to schools during 2013.

With the potential to revolutionise your marketing to schools and teachers in 2013 and with the total [education sector budget set to increase by approximately 6% to £97.2 billion the year ahead looks like a good one. However, success will only come if you embrace your marketing. If you can achieve a love for your marketing it will become the ultimate profit-generating arm to your business.

Together we'll make your marketing in 2013 AWESOME!

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