Turn Your Team into Superstars and Sell More to Schools

Turn Your Team into Superstars and Sell More to Schools

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Kelly Wright
Published: 4th November 2014

I’ve been in my role as Head of Customer Happiness at Sprint for 6 months now and I’m told it’s about time I cut my teeth in the blogosphere! So here goes…

Since leaving the financial sector to join Sprint it’s fair to say the last few months have been quite a culture-shock. Perhaps the biggest change is the way that, as a member of the team, I’ve been thrust into the spotlight with our marketing.

As a case in point, here’s one of our recent series of social media posts giving followers a glimpse into the lives of the Sprint team.

Kelly Top Trump

Wow… the marketing manager at my previous company would have fallen off his chair if anyone suggested doing anything like this!

I have to say though, I think it’s fab. As Head of Customer Happiness, little things like this make my job of speaking to clients so much easier because they feel like they already know something about me.

It’s a little bit like when you’re at a party where you’re surrounded by people you don’t know; you’re always looking for that perfect ice-breaker to ease the tension and find a way into a conversation. I like to think our marketing serves as a friendly way of breaking the ice and encouraging potential clients to start a conversation with us.

Some companies don’t feel comfortable with being so open and I totally understand that. However, if you’re brave enough to embrace this approach and turn your staff into the superstars of your brand, then I can assure you it is well worth the effort!

Not only will you encourage teachers to get in contact with you, you’ll also empower and inspire your staff by making them feel like an invaluable marketing asset.

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