What questions do you ask when you receive a marketing email?

What questions do you ask when you receive a marketing email?

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John Smith
Published: 21st May 2013

The next time you receive an email from somebody not in your contact list have a think about your thought processes and the questions you ask yourself before deciding whether to respond. The likelihood is that you will ask yourself 5 questions.

Success in your email marketing to schools depends on you being able to successfully navigate your audience of potential customers through these 5 questions. Over the next few days I’ll be posting these 5 questions and giving you some top tips to make sure that you’re able to answer them in your next marketing email.

Try to think back to the last time you decided to email teachers directly and see how many of these ideas you could incorporate should you carry out a similar campaign in the future. Also try to learn from the bad marketing emails you receive: next time you go to delete such an email stop and think what thought processes you went through and what could have stopped you hitting delete.

Right, without further ado…

Question 1: Why should I open this email?

Tricky one first up. Statistically this is the stage where [you will lose the largest share of your potential customers, and yet it’s also the area that most companies give little or no thought to!

You simply cannot afford to take it for granted that your email is going to be opened. Teachers are one of the most marketed to demographics in our society and have become experts at dealing swiftly and mercilessly with all forms of marketing. You absolutely cannot afford to make it easy for them to delete your email without even reading it.

It’s tricky because you only have a handful of words at your disposal so you must select each one super carefully in order to stimulate some sort of response.

Here’s our 6 point Sprint guide to increasing opens:

S chool focused: Focus on the school and its pupils.

P ersonalised: With the recipient’s name and/or the school name.

R elevant benefit: Imply one relevant and quantifiable benefit to the school and its pupils.

I ntriguing: Arouse their curiosity and make them want to find out more.

N ot to junk: Avoid words, characters or images that will fall foul of schools’ filters.

T ime Restricted: Phrases such as ‘5 days left’ or ‘only 2 remaining’ inject urgency.

Tune in tomorrow for Question 2 and six more free top tips!

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