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Campus provides access to a database of schools and list of teachers. Build targeted lists of school decision makers within UK Schools, Colleges, and Academies.


Senior Leadership
Team Members


Heads of Department
and Heads of Year


Subject and
Class Teachers


Support and
Administration Staff


Campus gives you the ability to place your communications in the at-work inboxes of your specific target audience.


Our team of 17 Data Managers manage the data you access daily, making on average 65K updates per month.


Unlock your ideal audience within Campus’s pool of education contacts, split across 130 job roles, from school leaders, to subject and support staff.


Profile establishments based on type, geographic location, pupil demographics, finances, and Ofsted and exam results.

List Builder Wizard

Create targeted contact lists that automatically update.

Create segmented contact lists just once and any updates that our Data Managers make are automatically reflected in your list. Lists are easy to create using Campus's 5-step wizard.

4 Million Data Pockets

Staff emails, budgets, exams, Ofsted, pupils etc....

Use the most powerful list builder known to any education business to create segmented education audiences based on hundreds of variables, including exam results, financial data, Ofsted ratings, pupils and workforce data.

Locate New Sales Leads

Generate leads to focus on

Convert interested education staff members into contact leads with Campus's CRM module. Reach out to them directly with one-to-one emails from within Campus, strike up important relationships with school decision-makers, and work with them to grow your education business and improve their school.

Converting Education Data to Contacts

As well as using Campus's Education Data Module for delivering outreach communications that trigger the start of a commercial relationship, you're also able to "convert" education staff members into your own CRM contacts (Campus plan/limits dependent).

<p class="colour-ford para-large">Staff (Data Module)</p>

Staff (Data Module)

Use Campus's search or list builder to find the education contact you wish, then "one-click convert" to make them a CRM contact. They'll now reside in your CRM module but retain the links to their school in the Education Data Module, giving you a 360-degree view of your new lead.

<p class="colour-ford para-large">Converted Contacts</p>

Converted Contacts

You're now able to correspond "one-to-one" with your contact through the transactional email feature. Whilst you can't "see" their direct email address (for data protection purposes), you can still "send" to it. Once they reply, simply add in their email against their Contact record to prove the relationship is "real".

<p class="colour-ford para-large">CRM Contacts</p>

CRM Contacts

You have now established a valid relationship with your contact. You're now able to email them from your own email client (if you like) or export your CRM data to use in an external system (external system rules may apply) if you wish.

Our education data is built upon GDPR-compliant opt-in consent from teachers within large portions of our database, which we have achieved through our education ecosystem - Teacher Perks, with the rest of our data being processed under legitimate interest.

Guy - Co-Founder


We've gone to great lengths so that you can rest easy knowing that the education data in Campus is compliant and managed responsibly.

We've invested hundreds of thousands of pounds to ensure that we not only meet compliance benchmarks, but transcend them.


Within Campus, you will benefit from a multitude of GDPR compliance features that helps your business to comply with the regulation.

You will even have access to an education sector-focused Legitimate Interest Assessment (LIA) template for your policies and documents.

“Campus has revolutionised the way I attract teachers. I am delighted with the growth in my customer base.”

Sally Weatherly, Founder - Guzled

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Access the education data and start contacting teachers!

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